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22 thoughts on “5.5HP Larkin Freezer

  1. heavydiesel says:

    Great vid!
    Nice looking unit, does the comp have liquid injection? What sort of temperature does the cold room run at?
    Sounds like the txv is a mop valve, not sure but i think you can just change the power element on those sporlan valves to change it to non mop operation.
    We insulate the drains too on below freezing rooms, think its fine if the tapes are the self limiting type.

  2. poland2010 says:

    i have to say the choice was poor a scroll for a freezer? there's only one type of compressor and that's semi hermetic i don't usually buy units i assemble them i have a huge stock full of new and used equipment and a usually don't mount the whole unit outside… i just mount the condensers.. you didn't insulate the suction outside.. you finished it and then cut and sausage the armaflex after why would you do that?..to each there own .. the electrical is rather sloppy..

  3. MrCraz6r says:

    get a yellow jacket super evacuation kit with core removers and big hoses. it takes forever to evacuate with a manifold gauge and 1/4 hoses. props to you for using a micron gauge and not being a hillbilly "pullin her to -30".

  4. hvac01453 says:

    when you broke the vac hose from the unit and connected, you do realize is sucked in pure air right? then you pushed it and the nitrogen into the system…. Purge with nitro before you push nitrogen next time…

  5. Raúl Arellano says:

    Hey MagicPatrick1GREAT Videos I HAVE A QUESTION I HAVE A 2 doors back bar refrigerator BUT NOT COOLING THE 2 FAN WORKS FINE the compressor looks fine, I don't KNOW what's TO DO….any suggestions Please MagicPatric1 I need you help
    Here Model: TBB-3G

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