ROG RYUO Review Time! – How about an AIO CPU Cooler that gives a live readout of temperatures, loads and clock speeds? PC Centric sits down for an unboxing of the Asus ROG RYUO 240!
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48 thoughts on “A CPU Cooler with a SCREEN? 🤨 ROG Ryuo Review!

  1. reedrich4rds says:

    2 years later and software for this product still blows. Display has mind of it's own. Currently ability to configure fan speed is non-existent in Armoury Crate software.

  2. Fotoğraf Vagonu says:

    This Youtubers always do not say about "Water in and out" parts. This feature is not working on that ryujin coolers. It is really bullshit. Livedash screen does not show water in and out infos. Asus did not put a sensor for this parts. Does anyone know this issue?

  3. AboTurki says:

    0:47 but I still perfer it over NZXT since when I saw something similar and I was hoping for 120mm but when I check they've released the new design they have only 2 choices and none of them were 120mm and that was kinda disappointing for a specialist brand like them and I would buy their cooler if they have the 120mm size

  4. Kevin Naranjo Hernández says:

    I just got a question. You said you need the "aura desktop app" (or whatever the name is) to control the rgb lights but im just wondering if the rgb can be connected to the ARGB port to any motherboard for syncing it or does that only sync with asus aura?
    Thx for the review 😀

  5. Pedro Martins says:

    I bought a Asus ROG Ryou 240 this week and my oled display isnt working. When i installed it it worked, and i think it stoped working when i upgraded firmware, but i tried to downgrade and still doesnt work, i dont know what to do, anyone can help?

  6. Chris X says:

    I ordered this AIO cooler but I am not sure how will I install this one. My case and motherboard only allows me to setup the radiator in front. I don't know how to place the fans, please help. 😕

  7. ZariisOfficial says:

    I took a punt on this cooler, it arrived today as i'm putting together a completely new rig as an upgrade to my current one, though i couldn't find any info on if it's good for the 3900X,. I use my PC mainly for music production and light gaming. Will this AIO be ok for my 3900x? I don't plan on overclocking.

  8. Mandy D says:

    I have this Ryuo and tbh it's a Pain! Asus Aura software works when it wants to. Never recognizes the AIO cooler or the mother board even though they are compatible so I can't ever turn on the LED etc on it. The Livedash software is nowhere to be found! No matter what update to the Aura… it's a pc of @#!%.

  9. mr2cqql says:

    I had this installed on my aorus b550i mb, aio pump goes to cpu fan header than Y spliter goes to 2 fans, micro usb to internal usb header as I only have 1 usb header on my mb than aio to sata power. The screen never turn on, I can set the pump in the bios to 100% PWM and I can hear the pump running. In the asus armoury I can control the RGB ring to anything I want with no problem, but the OLED screen never turn on and the 2 fans does not spin and In the armoury software the fan control does not do anything to it.

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