Build up a coil and go over 2 speed evap Fan wiring. Talk about nozzles and txv selection for coils.

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41 thoughts on “Build out a new evap coil and install Part 1

  1. sd sd says:

    Quick thought dave now with that new 2 speed fan would the differential on tstat have to be more to accommodate for the lower fan speed during defrost ?

  2. Catherine Lachance says:

    Thank you for this. We have been using Trenton Preassembled Evans, which are very convenient. However, they are changing over to electronic TX valves and pile of computer stuff.
    I may start building me own. Liking and saving this one!

  3. the truth says:

    Dave is the the man!!! I thought he went part time on us. Lol, we miss your videos brother, you have no idea how much your helping people in the field. Need more people like yourself, making videos, it really helps when we get one of the messed up jobs, we can't figure out. SUPER TECH BABY!!!!!

  4. Slam Bang Fishing Lodge says:

    On my manotwoc indigo after not running over the winter dumped ice once then goes into a 60 minute delay then restarts everything sounds right until about the time the fan should come on then shuts down saying possible hot ambient ambient the compressor feels cold but the copper pipes feel hot any help on this helps me out as it’s a two day thing getting it to to town I couldn’t find your number or the number I did call definitely wasn’t your voice my number is 604-799-0071 if it helps

  5. the truth says:

    What happened to the super tech symbol. I can't find it . It should be a certificate that you hand out to your Youtubers. Great video you just put out. Believe it or not I got stuck on that same coil, because the wiring diagram was ONLY IN CHINESE!!!! DA FUK!!!!


    Yes The first time I wired that fan relay with the solenoid wrong, I said ok I wire them in series. Big mistake, electricity 101, relay coil was getting energized and changing fan speed but magnet on the solenoid was not enough to open.

  7. Rey Rodriguez says:

    The company I work for isnt technically a refer company, but we have customers that have refer equipment so we take care of it. I’ve become a damn efficient refer tech from watching your videos dude. I take care all things refer now, for the company and I do refer calls on the side. Thanks Dave

  8. GrayWolf says:

    I do transportation refrigeration, we had a coil that was slipping apparently, we never have to mess with stuff like that so we had no idea, once the coil was removed we found that the nozzle was loose just rattling around, made the coil ice up

  9. arn mej says:

    good stuff man!…but what kind of thermostat do i need to activated the high speed of the blower again?..i replaced an old evap with similar product just has 3 blower fans…..there's 2 evaps for this system so they used just 1 solenoid to feed both evaps and thermostat is on the old evap…i wired 115 V only to T1 and T2 , blower fans run on low speed ,don't know how to field wire to utilize the high speed…..a little help would be appreciated! thanks

  10. APR928 says:

    Gonna be working with a company doing more refrigeration Dave, thanks for another great video as always, your content are educational, fun to watch, has tip of the day, and you teach from old school to new school stuff. Thanks Dave 🤙🤙

  11. Ravi Yadav says:

    Can you please let me know , we have walk in freezer room there is ice forming on floor ,roof pannel side wall also near Evaporator unit ,

    Door heater is working also air curtain are installed,. No door switch installed,
    Dixcell controller is installed.

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