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Cleanest Keto Snack Foods at Walmart – Quick Grocery Haul – Thomas DeLauer

All right, it’s time to go pick up some healthy snacks at Walmart. Now we’re going to go kind of the traditional keto route here, but what I’m going to do is I’m going to grab maybe seven, eight snacks that I think are just ideal when it comes down to keto at Walmart.

I know it’s a little bit windy so hopefully you can hear me okay. The interesting thing is Walmart’s done a really good job with keto friendly and just low carb options, surprisingly. So a lot of the things here are trap foods though. So we need to break down the ingredients and help you pick out different snack foods in different sections.

So let’s head on in. We have been kicked out of Walmart before, so hopefully it doesn’t happen this time. We’re going to try to keep it discreet and just very positive and helpful. We’ll you see inside.

Okay. Some of the things you want to look at when you’re looking at almonds in particular at Walmart. Okay, look at this. We’ve got, actually I’ll show you over here. We’ve got almonds. Then we’ve got vegetable oil, almond, canola, and/or safflower oil.

This is what scares me. First of all canola oil is not expeller pressed. So because it’s not expeller pressed, it means that you’re getting all the GMOs, but you’re also getting the really low quality omega 6s that we don’t want there.

So what’s also interesting is whenever they say canola and/or safflower oil, it really upsets me because what does that tell you? It tells you that they don’t even really know. They don’t have a clear line of delineation of what’s in there.

The bang for the buck. Great value. Straight up, just raw almonds here. But even if you go for the roasted ones. Let’s see, so almonds, vegetable oil, almond, canola and/or safflower. So normally I would say go for the roasted because it breaks down the phytic acids so that you actually get more absorption of the minerals.

What phytic acid is, is phytic acid is something that is in these almonds that makes it so that it chelates excess minerals within your gut. So chelating of minerals in your gut means that all the iron, the magnesium, the good minerals you’re getting from the almonds end up getting excreted out of the body because they’re chelated because of something called phytic acid.

If you’ve ever looked at like animal droppings, you see that the lot of times there’s nuts and seeds in the animal droppings. That’s simply because the phytic acid has it so it doesn’t break down.

Pistachios here. The thing I do like about pistachios is there’s a barrier to entry. Okay. These are trap foods. Nuts are trap foods. You end up consuming a ton of calories, and you just got to be careful. So interesting with pistachios, at least you have a shell that’s going to give you a little bit of a barrier to entry.

You’re not going to consume as much. They’re going to slow you down a little bit unless you go with the no shell version, which you can end up eating a ton of. But in that case, look at the carbohydrate content of macadamia nuts. Four grams. Okay.

Versus eight, double the carbohydrate content, okay? We’re looking at a lot more carbohydrates in the pistachios. So we’re going to go with these. These make the cut. And they’re simple, easy snack size.

Okay, so all the protein powders here. Wow. They’ve stepped up their protein powder game. I’m not going to lie. Certified grass fed whey. They’ve gotten Garden of Life certified grass fed whey. Okay, see that’s a joke. I don’t like that.

All right. So when it comes down to just quick snack haul, we’re not looking at much. But I have pretty high standards, so we kept this really clean and quite honestly not the cheapest. But at least now you know some of the things to avoid, some of the common pitfalls that people will make where they’re just running in for a quick snack haul.

Now this is something, again, you’re on the road, you see a Walmart. Yeah. This isn’t like kind of stuff you’re going to load up your house with. It’s the kind of thing that I would do if I was like, I’m craving some snacks. I don’t want to break keto.

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45 thoughts on “Cleanest Keto Snack Foods at Walmart – Quick Grocery Haul

  1. Joseph Jones says:

    @8:07 The problem I have with a lot of the bars in the Pharmacy section is that a lot of them have artificial sweeteners, like sucrose. I have never looked at the Good Fats. I will check them out next time I am at Walmart.

  2. Joseph Jones says:

    @23:58 Thank you for pointing out that not everything that says "Cauliflower" is low carb. I warn people about this trap a lot. I found this out years ago when I was excited about the Cauliflower Tots that Walmart has and the Sweet Potato Fries. I saw the ingredients and saw that they have rice and sugar in them. Very deceptive.

  3. Joseph Jones says:

    I thank you so much for making this video. I am not on the keto diet but I am on a low carb diet and I try to eat clean. Since I am on a low-carb diet, I do look for and follow things that are keto, paleo, and primal. I would say that I follow more of the primal diet. I have done healthy eating, low carb videos and was going to do one like what you did hear but you did a great job and you have more knowledge than I do on clean eating. In fact, I learned a couple of things from your video here.

    A little bit about my change to a low-carb diet. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several years ago. My doctor wanted me to go on insulin but I told him no, I wanted to reverse diabetes by changing the way I eat. It was tough at first, I will not lie. It is amazing how addictive carbohydrates are. I was determined though and avoided walking around the truck stops and went to Walmart to stock up my truck with paleo (I was on a strict Paleo diet at first) approved foods. I lost a lot of weight in just 1 week and my blood sugar was under control. A year later, my doctor was amazed. I learned a lot and it did humble me also. Having been addicted to carbohydrates made me realize that addiction of any kind is a serious thing and not something we should judge others over. The sad part is that there isn't much help when it comes to food addictions. So when I see people who are obviously unhealthy or suffering from any kind of addiction, I remember that I was headed in the same direction. I was just lucky that I was diagnosed with diabetes early enough and was able to reverse it. This may sound funny, but diabetes actually saved my life. Sometimes we need a hard wake-up call.

    Thank you again for doing this video. Instead of doing the video I was going to do, I will share this one and subscribe to your channel. We need to help out others.

  4. dathyr1 says:

    This is way too confusing to me to try and pick the right things for Keto dieting. I have no idea what are good ingredients and what is not. Even after watching all these videos. I like walnuts, almonds, etc. So i hope i get the right things.

  5. David Grech says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights and hope you know how much I appreciate your channel. I got hit by a distracted driver and then went into a coma for three weeks afterwards a few years ago and I was told that if I hadn’t been in such good shape I never would have survived so I am just grateful that I am alive and well and I will be back in the gym later today. I hope you know how much I enjoy your channel and your positive energy. Bless you 🙏💪

  6. Akryloth says:

    Thing about lots of these ingredients, if your body is able to handle them, it's not a big deal. Take gluten for example, which is basically only bad if you're allergic to them.
    If u keep on low carb on keto, watch out with calories and if you don't have any serious inflammatory issues, you'll be fine.

  7. Mary Haugen says:

    Just watched your video: You mentioned to Just Buy Clean Sour Cream to go with pork rinds. What would you add to the sour cream for a dip that is safe? Love watching your videos and have subscribed.

  8. Cindi Mams says:

    Oh wow it just hit me that homemade ceasar salad can be Keto and clean friendly. It’s so easy- whisk egg yolk (or egg sub) in olive oil, add fresh Parmesan cheese, squeeze a lemon, sea salt and pepper. I’m new to Keto and learning so much from this channel. Thank you so much!

  9. Allona Read says:

    Quest is a great brand!!! How do you stack them to keep making things if you shoot them down before people even give them a chance I don't think that's very fair for you to say that they're not good just because you don't like them you should say that people to give them a chance to see if they like them thank you

  10. Cajun Lady says:

    Thank you for the info and the importance of reading labels.
    But it would be so much easier to pick out the best food option right away by just going down the isle…. instead of showing a bunch of bad ones.
    It gets confusing after awhile to which kind to buy.
    Especially if someone is reading the closed caption which doesn't always show correctly what you are saying.
    So please show the item you choose longer so we can jot it down.
    I am almost sure you already know which brand is the best before you start making your video of the day.

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