Video showing the location of the condenser coils on a couple different model refrigerators. It is important to know where these are at and to clean them periodically. If you don’t clean these it can lead to a no cool refrigerator.
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Condenser coil location.
Where to find the coils on the refrigerator to clean them.
How to clean the coils on a refrigerator.

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37 thoughts on “Condenser Coil Location on your Refrigerator

  1. yetimack says:

    Thank you so much Bill! I have an Amana with the french door, I took the back off and was left scratching my head. No coils there. I watched your video, and you mentioned the bottom. I turned that big monster over and sure enough there they were. Thank you again!

  2. hikergal40 says:

    Hi Bill, I found your video helpful in locating my Kenmore’s condenser coils in the back of the refrigerator.  I had watched another video where the coils were conveniently located on the bottom just behind the front grill.  By the way there was a boatload of animal hair located there too just behind the front grill next to the pan.  I did do one thing which was unplug the frig before I took off the back cardboard panel which you may have mentioned that I missed   I noticed nowhere in the Kenmore manual were simple instructions for cleaning the coils seeing as to how important that is and I really appreciate your video.

  3. Wayne Wallace says:

    I have one of that freezer at home. However, I have a problem with it. The lights in the house dim enough to bother me every two second and look like it's overloading something or use alot of electricity. It dims for two second and then back on at full light. Can you help me on this? Could it be a bad thermostat?

  4. Alyssa Lane says:

    Ahhh thank you so much for this video. I could not figure out how to gain access to my GE's profile condenser coils. Its a bummer I have to empty the fridge to tip it but at least I know where they are!

  5. Saboth says:

    One type of coil system you didn't mention: I've got a GE side-by-side model, and the coils appear to be in the lower right corner. The position resembles that small stack shown at 1:00 in the video, but on mine, it's more like a circular radiator tunnel with fins on the outside (I can see some coils under that radiator, and some seem to be wound inside it). I cleaned it as best I could, but the far side of the cone can't be accessed (unless a panel comes off on the inside or something, which seems like way too much work to clean coils).

  6. siddhartha says:

    i am planning to buy a bosh refregator , but the thing is that its back is open < meaning coils are visible > will it create any problems for me in short or long run ,,, are these visible condencing coiils at the back is okay, please replt

  7. Marcia Patrice Ganeles-Kislik says:

    Thank you. I have lived here for 5 years and never knew this. Today I moved my fridge and the dust underneath was insane!!! I decided to clean the coils, but I found your video AFTER I cleaned them, and should have had a dust mask on. Your video is great. Now I'll go turn it on its side and see what I've missed! 😉

  8. C64C says:

    Some new models (supposedly this is becoming more common) don't have any visible condenser coils at all! The coils are hidden between the insulation and the side walls. They can't be cleaned and that is not necessary since there isn't a single hole anywhere.

  9. littlethingification says:

    Thank you so much Bill! I couldn't find any video showing this for a Frigidaire, and your demonstration showed me exactly what to look for! It was identical to my Frigidaire, which has a cooling problem because of the dusty coils. You're awesome!

  10. Kim Wilson says:

    Thank you! We have an Amana with the coils on the bottom. I have a long skinny brush to clean underneath, but I never considered tipping the fridge. I'll have to empty out a lot of stuff first!

  11. Rockporttxgirl says:

    I have a Maytag and can't find the coils anywhere. The refrigerator and freezer both run but do not cool. The owners manual says the refrigerator has a "no clean commercial-duty condenser". Does this mean the coils are encased and why they're not seen? Or can you tell me where I may look for them? Please and thank you!

  12. flashy5150 says:

    Thank you Bill !! I have the nasty GE. I opened up the back and saw no coils but I knew they were going to be on the bottom after that. I’m just glad you showed under the fridge so I know what they look like and I can better plan my cleaning. What a pain in the ass, now I have to empty the fridge to lean it, rrrrrrrr🤬😜

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