I replaced the R22 with R404a, pulled a vaccum, charged and adjusted a walk in cooler. Allied Refrigeration 440-823-5720
west side of Cleveland

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40 thoughts on “Convert a Pizza walk in freezer to a walk in cooler part 2

  1. tstatech says:

    I also just found your channel, subscribing. Learned a thing or two, didn't know about 250 microns and fracturing the oil. Fortunately I don't have a habit of going below 250. I go to 500  and then do a blank off test for 10 minutes. After that I disconnect my micron meters, ( I use at least two, on both sides of the system so that I can tell how well they are working) I run the pump for a while to ensure that the unit is below 500 again before I add gas. Typically I have the condenser charged and locked off during this process as most of what I work on is new or just on the evaporator side, work like replacing leaky coils or bad TXVs. Don't like exposing the oil in the compressor if I can help it.

    I hope you don't mind a little friendly constructive criticism from a mostly hvac and seldom R tech. I only see a couple of refer units a year as I'm mostly residential since I started the 1 man and a truck gig 10 years ago. Before that I worked for a company for 15 years that mostly did everything and anything from residential to industrial. That said I humbly defer to your experience in the refrigeration field as it appears by scanning through your other vids that refrigeration is your specialty.

    It is my understanding that POE oil should not be exposed to the atmosphere for more than 15 minutes do to it's terrible hydroscopic characteristics. It absorbs moisture like a desiccant and no amount of evacuation will pull it out. I'm guessing that there is such a small amount of refrigerant and a substantially large enough drier that it may take care of the moisture before it reacts to much and becomes acidic.

    I think I would have changed the oil on the second day just before I evacuated and charged the system instead of changing the oil and returning the next day. I personally forgo eating lunch or going home on time when I have an open system in front of me. I liken it to a patient on the operating table and the tech is the surgeon.
    Been this way ever since R410a showed up and I learned all the nastiness of POE oil. I miss a lot of lunches, though you might not think so to look at me. 

    I read about a replacement oil that solved this problem but I don't think it ever made it to market because manufactures haven't adopted it. It's POV, the V is for vinyl. The article said it has all the properties of POE except that it draws less moisture than mineral oil. I don't know why manufacturers haven't adopted it, I guess they like handing out compressors under warranty. 

    The sight glass moisture indicator isn't going to indicate moisture while you're pulling a vacuum, only when it has been exposed to 'wet' refrigerant for some time.

    I'm happy to have found your channel because refrigeration outside of comfort control  is my weakest skillset. I'd like to have the confidence and knowledge to change a freezer into a cooler. Pretty cool. I've installed and repaired walkins and reachins but never have I converted one

  2. OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's. says:

    Really Good Video's Jim. 
    You must have been bidding against other guys on this one? 05 Serial number on that Compressor.
    Just a Couple of things i Would have Done Differently:
    1) i would not Re-install a 10 year old compressor. it Could go out within 30 days and you could be eating it, unless it's in the contract that u advised a new compressor and they declined and no warranty.
    2) i Would have Replaced Entire Txv. But, hey that's a Personal Preference.
    i Learned something though— i would never have thought to just change the powerhead on a same tonnage change of refrigerant powerhead.
    so, instead of changing the entire txv just change the powerhead on a R-22 to R-404 Refrigerant Change. and of course change from mineral to poe.
    i Personally Still Would not do it, Existing txv is Probably very old in most cases and a Fresh Txv is the Way i Would Go. But—interesting way to go.

  3. Kcarviper says:

    Why do you put your micron gauge on the vacuum pump? It's sensing what the pump is drawing not actually microns no? Shouldn't you place it on the shader tool remover bung then you can blank pump off and get micron reading of the system.

    I'm asking not telling you been at this as long as iv been alive.

  4. Henry Le says:

    Hi Jim,  Could you please provide the model of the label maker that you have,  It's nice to have. It's does not look professional when using a black marker to write inside the cooler/freezer.  Please advice.  Thanks.

  5. Al Garcia says:

    Jim. As usual very nice video but I have a lot of questions which you may or may not have time to answer: 1. Do you still need to have the defrost timer connected or is preform some function?, 2. Why did you decide to use 404 and not and not a refrigerant like 407F since I thought 404 was more of a freezer type refrigerant? 3. On a walk in freezer does the fan run 24/7.Trying to learn more about refrigerant side of HVAC.  Thanks

  6. Alex Dudley says:

    great work as usual, just a question in regards to your temperature difference readings (delta T) i would of assumed you would measure your air on to evap coil and air off of evap coil to get this reading? how do you determine/calculate what your temperature difference should be when readings are taken from the suction and liquid lines? any help would be great, cheers

  7. HVAC tech says:

    Did you use existing evaporator? You just changed the txv head and adjust it correct? What about the condenser? That looks new but used existing compressor ? What about controls?

  8. manga669 says:

    So from what I understand this used to be a freezer and you converted it to a fridge now correct? If that’s the case I’m excited because i came across a 10×15 walk-in freezer and now wanted to convert it into a fridge to hang my deer.

  9. jim defilippis says:

    nice to see how thats done. never seen digital time clock. Guessing you changed the superheat on the txv. wasn't sure you could use r404 for anything but for low temp applications, as I see them on are ice machines and freezers. figuring you must reset the setting on the low pressure control. Also I noticed a 180 return bend at compressor suction line. is this also for oil return so oil don't move back to the oil return in the box. thanks for filming all your hard work.

  10. jim defilippis says:

    like the way you do your evacuation, the sign of a true professional. was wondering how you know the r-22 compressor can be used with the r404a. I would of never guessed that. out standing work.

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