How to cooler age venison at home. This easy way to age your venison in a cooler works great. Aging deer meat helps it be more tender and mellows out the flavor. It also helps spread out the work over a few days. Once you try cooker aging venison you won’t do it any other way.

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41 thoughts on “Cooler Aging Venison (on ice) 2019

  1. Clint Holmes says:

    I have myself a small walk in cooler that can be pulled behind the truck and fit 2 elk quartered up. Its been the best investment of ours. But i have heard of the cooler method and wanted to try it some time.

  2. FlyfishermanNick says:

    First cardinal rule is to never shoot unless you've got a clean shot, a running deer through dense thicket is definitely not a clean shot even with the 30/30 you are using. The second cardinal rule is to never take a second shot if you don't know where the first one went. Congrats you did both. Not ethical not to mention like every hunters safety course has both those rules in one form or another.

  3. Reed Stemmons says:

    Hello sir, I am hoping to get a deer this weekend and process it myself. I really want to cooler age it! Thinking of doing it for a week. Do you cut off any of the grey meat? Additionally do you think it would be better to leave it in full quarters to have less grey? Thanks!!!

  4. Reed Stemmons says:

    Do you trim a lot of the leathery meat off? Just trying to figure out if the meat that the ice touched is still good to eat. Thanks! Deer meat is in the cooler right! Thank you for the awesome video!!!

  5. Z S says:

    Hey, Scott… my ice froze together on top, and I didn't realize that the meat on the bottom was in water for a few days. It obviously stayed pretty cold in the cooler. Is the meat on the bottom ok? Looks ok. Doesn't stink,… less of a red color, though.

    Thanks for the video, btw!

  6. gnbrown Brown says:

    Scott pass this along. Freeze drink bottles large and small. Fill bottom of cooler with bottles frozen. Put deer parts in gallon bags with small holes punched in bottom of bags so blood can run out. Put bags on frozen bottles no water touches deer. Cover deer with rest of large bottles and use small bottles to fill in. Put thermometer in cooler, keep bottles rotated as they start to thaw. Close lid ur done!!!!

  7. Michael Ellis says:

    I once transported a couple deer home from an out-of-state hunt, and packed my quarters carefully in ice similar to what you've shown. I stopped and drained it periodically along the day-long drive home. In the end I was a bit turned off by the water-logged look of some of the outer meat, and trimmed a lot of it away. What's your opinion on using that pale, water-logged meat? Is it still good?

  8. Livingthedream1225 says:

    I have done this many times with gutted fish with skin on. Hard to cut up fish after a 16 hour day on the water.

    I have been fortunate enough with weather to hang deer. Not anymore and will have to use the cooler.

    Thanks for the video, the backstrap video is awesome as well.

  9. Jim Lad says:

    Thank you. I leave my rabbits on ice for about three days and it works wonders. Have been searching here for about two hours to see if it will work with goats. Excellent demonstration.

  10. R says:

    Thank you, Scott. I really enjoy the fact that you are straight to the point without a bunch of B.S thrown in. Here in N.E. Oklahoma I have some HUGE -THICK 200+ lb. bucks all around my feeder
    and at least four of them with drop-tines that are soon to be harvested with the other end of my .308, and processed just the way you have described.
    Thanks again, and I'm a brand new subscriber too. sir!

  11. Rowdy Broomstick says:

    You had several tip's that I was overlooking and tip's within other people's comments I hadn't thought about, I've been aging deer meat in an ice chest off and on over the year's but I still learned a thing or two on this video. I like your thoughts on doing the work a little bit at a time! I need to do some more trimming!

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