Called back to change the oil and filter drier in the rebuit compressor after about eighty hours run time.

You can see how dirty the drier core looked compared to the new one.

It pays to use a torque wrench when doing the cover bolts back up to ensure there are no leaks at the gasket.

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40 thoughts on “Copeland Compressor Oil Change

  1. bblazeff1 says:

    Burnouts, neglecting to change filters after opening system to atmosphere, not adding acid away after burnouts. I don't know. Probably the original cores. Lol ..

  2. heavydiesel says:

    If i remember correctly this one runs on 4gs mineral oil (or iso68 equivalent) because it has a mechanical oil pump on the compressor.

    I think your compressor is splash feed lubricated and would likely use a 3gs mineral or iso 32 grade poe oil depending on the type of refrigerant the system has in it.

    Best to check with Copeland, the wholesalers tech department or even a good compressor rebuilding company for advice.

    If poe, Emkarate RL-32-MAF is a specific oil for Copeland compressors.

  3. heavydiesel says:

    Hi Naveed, I have a Refco 21702 oil pump which fits in the oil can and pumps the oil back into the compressor.
    If i don't use that then i pull a vacuum on the compressor and put a hose in the oil can and suck the oil in that way.

    My video "Copeland Hermetic Compressor Oil Change" shows my had pump at around 4 minutes into the vid.

  4. Axel Oropeza says:

    Hello mr. heavydiesel, i have a discus copeland of 10 hp. and it is cut off, i check this and push the button reset of the protector of lubrication and then start again ,in some times run for days with none problems but in a hour wich i dont know again is stop. if you can help me i apreciated to you.

  5. heavydiesel says:

    Hi Axel, Here are a few things that can cause trips on low oil pressure,
    1, Crankcase heater failed
    2, Low oil level
    3, Worn bearings or oil pump
    4, Blocked filter
    5, Oil dilution due to liquid refrigerant during running
    6, Oil dilution due to liquid refrigerant during the off cycle
    7, Wrong grade of oil
    8, Faulty oil pressure switch
    9, Compressor tripping on other control then oil pressure switch tripping

    I expect there are other causes too, i don't work on many systems with oil pumps!

  6. Mohamedwalid Doussa says:

    Hello Everyone, I have a problem with a compressor emerson copeland D8SJ1-6000BWM / D. mounted done me a lot of oil despite that I changed segmentation! I will like to advice from you thank you for avanace

  7. Daily Dose of Pets says:

    hi heavy, i have copeland semi hermetic comp, the liquid line is quite hot compared to the other compressors of the same model. can you please tell me whats going on? the compressor catches frost sometime as well. setpoint temp is 4'C. i can see bubbles in the sight glass.

  8. charperr_ says:

    Hello, I have a copeland KAJ3-0075-CAG. its about 15 years old. Doubt theres been much done as far as service. Now its short cycling on low pressure. I can see the liquid line sight glass is full as well as the raw water heat exchange.

    soon as I turn it on the pressure drops until it turns off, which takes about 1 minute from initial start up.

    Also I see your compressor uses mineral oil? Can I use the same oil in my system. Running of R22 right now. Thanks

  9. Jeff Leblanc says:

    I see you use mineral oil I have a compressor from Italy with the refrigerator style compressor and they say to only use sincom 32 oil and it is quite hard to find any body with a alternative thanks

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