This video shows how to take apart a Copeland Scroll compressor. I also go into detail on how Copeland Advanced Compressor Protection works.

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14 thoughts on “Copeland Scroll Compressor Teardown

  1. Jeffrey Arizona says:

    I watched this hoping to understand how my circa 2004 nordyne/miller 4 ton 10 seer heat pump can fail so many different ways and behave so differently in heat versus cool modes.

    Following a long vacation I attempted to start it in COOL and HEAT modes, but it only buzzed a few seconds with well over 120 amp draw causing lights to dim and voltage dip from 240 to 220. That would repeat at approx 10 minute intervals. The single pole power contactor remained engaged and 240 Vac was provided to the compressor continuously.

    That inspired me to install a hard start kit and I was able to get compressor running in COOL mode for a few minutes with 22 amp draw, but no appreciable cooling was detected and I think the compressor stopped with no current draw. Had to stop because sunset and I have not been able to repeat this.

    I also managed to start the compressor in HEAT mode and it behaved well except current draw was 33 amps. The outdoor coil became cold but I did not evaluate supply temperature. After switching back to cool mode I did not get any compressor current after contactor engagement.

    This makes me wonder if there is some kind or thermal or time delay switch inside the compressor that nobody bothers to mention in the teardown videos?

    My curiosity is mostly academic because the unit contains R22 and conversion to R22B would be a waste of money. I already have a 5 ton 14 seer replacement on site and will switch over when I receive all of the new ductwork components.

  2. robert service says:

    If the compressor has thermal and pressure devices for "self protection" then are you indicating that none of these were successful in protecting this unit?
    What is the approach to determining a compressor malfunction? Are these protective devices "one time" protection or are these designed to "reset"?

  3. alex says:

    Hello John,

    I don't know if you can help me. Above my apartment there is a heat pump (Aermec NRL0600'H'E '' 'P2),
    functioning in both cooling and heating mode. There are 4 installed in the machine Copeland Scroll compressors working in pairs:

    pair1 – model ZP120KQE TFD

    pair2 – model ZP154KQE TFD

    Only one couple can work (especially in summer) or both couples (especially in winter) and they have
    variable speed.

    Especially in heating mode, the vibration dampers under the machine (isotop sd7, isotop sd8)
    not able to dampen the vibrations which, as a result, pour into my apartment. Some time ago I viewed the machine together with a vibration expert. According to him isolating in a way appropriate compressors installed inside the machine would lead to good results.

    Do you know this type of compressors? The speed of rotation? You would be able to recommend antivibration mounts

    to put under the compressors?

    thanks 1000

  4. Ismail Abdelsalam says:

    hi john thank you very much for useful video
    please advice how can solve the problem of high temperature protection inside the head of the compressor
    i have one compressor working with low current and no pumping how can be solved

  5. Den Uhl says:

    Hello, I have a question about our copeland scroll compressor. (ZS21 K4E-TDF-551 similar to ZB21KCE-TDF-551) It is loosing very few oil at the sight glas. I can only see oil when it is working. I can see nothing at the glass when its not working. So can I simply fill it up. How to do that? I searched for hours now and only found the manual at the emerson webpage. But there is only written the type of oil and that it has to be half filled at the sight glass. So Is it simple? Which kind of tool do i need? The valve at the bottom?

    I would be very thankful for a short or long answer.

    Nice Video.

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