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If you own one of these fridges, you’ve probably had trouble setting the temperature and getting the results you want. Hopefully this will help you correct the incorrect display.

Make sure you put LOTS of stuff in your fridge for this test. Refrigerators don’t keep a stable temp when empty.

Test the temperature of water, not the air in the fridge. Air changes too fast. Water will give you a better idea of the temp that food or drinks would be.

Don’t rush this test… Take the time and do it right and you’ll never have to do it again.

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7 thoughts on “Correcting the ARB Fridge temperature display

  1. G 55 says:

    If you are getting a temperature difference then that is because how you load it and there is a good reason why it has a difference as with ALL domestic fridges except Fan forced fridges I don't know why you would chill beer to 42*f anyway because nearly All mass produced beers should be served between 33*f to 37*f, You can't just get a thermometer and stuff it in there and because you get a different reading then say the fridge dial is out for a simple reason, When set to 2*c – 35/36*f the fridge will cool below that temp and then drop down to about 0*c/32*f then it will rise to about 5.5*c/41.9*f as the air in the fridge moves about inside, and that thermometer us useless for measuring a fridge, You need to tie a sensor to the middle at the top of the centre divider and run the cable and monitor outside of the fridge and then watch it over a few hours as it settles from being opened. Load the fridge between a 1/3rd and half full allowing air gaps around the edge and either side of the divider so the cold Air can circulate then you will see better results, Mess with off set temp readings is not a good Idea unless there is a real problem then it should good back to ARB to be checked out, because when you change how the dial reads you have to remember that the Actual temperature in the bottom and around the edge where the element is drops at leased 5*c or 9*f cooler than the rest of the fridge which means you could end up with exploding beer or coke etc, The temperature control on a fridge is not like a Volume knob on a radio where it stays at a certain level the whole day long, A fridge is like a living thing because it losses cold and the warm air outside of it tries to warm it up so the fridge compensates for that as no 2 on off cycles are the same where you get longer and shorter run times and longer and shorter Off times some fridges can vary as much as 14*f during their on off cycle, cheap Domestic fridges are a classic example of this, Test it like I said and see how it goes. Another reason for the temp difference in the top and bottom for the fridge is because  most foods require warmer or colder storage, Unless you are only going to use it for one type of food, But Only a Fan force fridge will give you one all over Temp reading but even they can vary and because they Average out the air temp that makes them next to useless for storing multiple types of food associated with family life.

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