Update on the Intelligen we’ve had issues with.

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27 thoughts on “Different Issue Now | Update on Intelligen Heatcraft

  1. jjj808 says:

    We must have got some of those bad apples in Hawaii. Lol.
    What we finally did out of a combination of frustration and had to get it working. We did away with the board and eev and converted it back to mechanical again.

  2. Berated says:

    I know on the Ruud EEV's you can check the resistance on the motor, and they should all be just about the same resistance. If one or more are reading a large variance the EEV motor is considered bad.
    As far as testing if a board is bad, as far a I know, the only way to check is to:
    1- find out what is not working
    2- know the units sequence of operations
    3- verify every sequence is operating within parameters
    4- Once every sequence has verified your left with a bad board xD
    PCB's are wayyyyy to difficult to troubleshoot. Too much circuitry on too many plains.

  3. Jamie Lapierre says:

    If you do a lot of eev buy the Sporlan Sma-12 valve actuator. It’s battery powered and you can drive the valve open and closed manually. It has saved me on a beacon 2 system before. I proved to Heatcraft that the valve was bad. Look into it.

  4. Mario Perez says:

    you might want to check the charge ,it sounds like the by pass is opening,not enough liquid,if it does it again,might want to add refrigerant.valve wide open and not freezing the lines ?

  5. HVAC-R STRONJAY says:

    Man some calls can be such a pain, thats a difficult one to pin point the primary issue. You did your checks I probably would have came to the same conclusion lol but good job man 👍dope video

  6. Giorgos Ktoridis says:

    When eevs are motorized then when they stick they leave the refrigerant through at percentange of the position they stopped. If they are pulsed they close completly like a solenoid valve. Hope that helps

  7. Kay Raro says:

    I've been in the business since the 70's. Electronic stuff is sweet . . . when it works. When it doesn't work, you can't just jumper something or slap in a substitute. And when tech support can't help you, that's the worst. I can't understand why these companies don't train their tech support people better. Don't they realize that we mechanics are on the front line, and our customers trust us? If they support us, we tell our customers how good their equipment is, and it leads to more sales for them. But if we tell our customers not to buy something, they trust us, and they're not going to buy it.

  8. Jorge Hernandez says:

    I haven't had to use it but my supplier sold me a magnet by Carel I think. It's tiny compared to your solenoid magnet and it has some writing on there for quarter turn half turn for opening and closing those eevs.

  9. FRANK SPRAGUE says:

    Found this video while waiting on hold for heatcraft tech support. Having the same exact issue. Swapped the board, valve, and eev motor. We've swapped out eev motors and boards on multiple units.

  10. Jlo Wilbur says:

    Washington state prison at WCCW they have replaced after4 months one eev one board a box sensor starting components on the compressor now this morning it’s short cycling and high humidity in this cooler these units are fucked

  11. Johnathan Dobler says:

    That's my client too, just had a nitmare with a freezer, first valve, they factory said bad valve again stuck open, voltage looked good, ended up doing board and it worked even with factory saying board good, crazy

  12. Joe Cushman says:

    Sometimes these things get into a funky lock up thing. This worked for me. Disconnect the 24 volts at the transformer and then restore it. Do this about 25 times for about a minute, then cycle all power off and give it a try. These are 0-5 volt DC bipolar expansion valves meaning it needs 5 volts + to open all the way and 5 volts – to close. The board is supposed to remember the last position the valve was at when it turned off, so that's what it will open to even thou it may say differently. What I do know if you over cycle the board power (many times) it makes it get stupid and go back to the default setting. These valves have no feed back to the board telling it where it is and I think the board gets confused as to where it should be and does nothing or drives it all the way open. I have found this problem on high load systems where defrost is used a lot. This doesn't fix the problem but is a work around in the rare situation it does this. This should force the valve to close.

  13. Charanjit Jammu says:

    I had same problem with heat craft beacon2 EEV valve. It was failing to open valve. I did replace EEV coil but nothing helped. Next day I went to change valve and found from there employees that it just started working 45 minutes ago. I still not understand how it started working after 13 to 15 hours later. It’s been four months it is still working.

  14. davejohnsonnola says:

    Comments from Heatcraft training today… #1 problem is not setting tap on transformer to 208 volts if that is your supplied voltage.

    EEV valves themselves are pretty simple and bulletproof IF system is clean and tight and assembled while purging nitrogen. Powerhead coil failure possible but more likely GIGO info failure or bad board.

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