Another DIY project is completed. Danny took an old freezer unit and put it together and added a Cool Bot and made a EPIC Walk In Cooler!

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27 thoughts on “DIY Cool Bot Walk In Cooler – EPIC Cooler for Vegetables

  1. Beatrix Jones says:

    I was already subscribed and it looks like I was unsubscribed 🧐
    Well darn it. I’m not going away that easy 🤨
    I’m back 😜
    What did I miss ?
    All kidding aside I’m really glad that I noticed.

  2. Patrick Grandy says:

    Danny I see them on marketplace hear in eastern North Carolina all the Time cause so many commercial fishers are getting out of the water Business do to the price of fish and CCA members Trying to put them out of business. But to the walk in coolers 90% of them around hear are 10by20 15by25 and you can pick them up with the cooling unit compressor fans the whole 9yards. They average 1200~2500$. Aldo’s Danny you going to have to put you a foam board floor in that cool if not that concrete will suck all the cool air up because of the concrete is on the warm ground. Any way sir cooler is lookin good and hope it all works for you

  3. Jay R says:

    You should have put 12/2 wiring so you could run a 20 amp circuit. If you are running a large AC and an electric sawzall it would throw a 15 amp circuit.

  4. Sam Izdat says:

    Sweet. I build and start up walk in coolers and refrigeration systems for a living. Seal it up with butyl caulk on the warm side at least. Both sides would be better.

  5. Will Bass says:

    Job well done.
    You should be rightfully proud.

    How did you calculate the right size A/C?
    Could you have gotten by with a smaller BTU A/C?
    Is there a formula based on square footage and local ambient air temps?

  6. Chris Green says:

    Amazing! We used the exact same walk in cooler on (MCLB) Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, GA. It was at the game warden's shack, and open to all of us Marine and contractors aboard the base. It allowed us to store our game there, dry age our game for free until we could process them. We all worked on the "Honor System" to maintain and keep it clean. We could hang the deer with a bucket underneath to catch the blood, but we had to quarter our wild hogs, and store those in a cooler of salt water inside of it. You're lucky to have such good friends. That restoration was purely amazing!

  7. Bobby Hurst says:

    Brother you got what I have been wanting for a long time! Congratulations! I hope it works with our heat. Gonna be 100 or more next week! I very much enjoyed this video. Thank ya

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