Doh, meant to say Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken instead of Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Werke

See here for more cool semi-hermetic compressor setups –
Compressor will make a great air compressor. I am using a 5kw Kickstart kit and 180uf of run caps for power correction on the 3rd phase

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34 thoughts on “DWM Copeland Semi-Hermetic Compressor Testing

  1. Richard Harmer says:

    i admire your engineering interest and abilities, however with respect and without seeing the nameplate data… I strongly suspect your nice free DWM compressor is 3phase dual voltage =
    3 phases L1 L2 L3 which can be wired star 240v 3 Phases or Delta 415v phases.. its the star / delta option that changes the voltage.. either way its 3 phase..

  2. Richard Harmer says:

    part 3
    interesting vid & amazing u got it wired and fired up for 1phase 240 and HIGH AMPS ! however don't spend a lot off time building a Air comp unless u got 3phase power supply – coz my conclusion is.. it won't work very long at them high amps.& without refrigerant cooling the windings.. via the crankcase …

    I'm smiling coz I also love 2 pull things apart and try to get things working for Free..
    with respect how you studied 3 phase & ohms laws… ? I feel sure its well within your Scope…

  3. Paulus Imba says:

    I m a Refrigerant mech in Namibia and I like to find a Ref artisan/mechanic friends from any sides of the world. my name on facebook: Paulus Imba plz send me a request.

  4. George W says:

    When you showed the back of the compressor it was nice to see bronze instead of the aluminum connecting rods. Looked like in the end you were not getting much discharge. Under the top where the two ports are there are valves that wear out. Usually one can get a kit and rebuild the valves. Another thing on a 3 phase unit it requires 3 lines of 120vac. Normally you don't use a start or run capacitors. We use 3 phase contactor. Over here in the USA.

  5. Derek Obidowski says:

    I seen one video that these compressors are being replaced by regular Hermetic or Scroll compressors. Here in the US these Copeland Semi-Hermetics are getting expensive plus they are very heavy as you need a crane to lift it on the roof as the regular hermetic's are easy to lift with straps and is the least expensive way to go. sometimes the motors burn out, the conrods snap or the reeds break in them if the condenser fan motors go out which can raise the head pressures unless there is a head pressure safety on it. as these Semi-Hermetics are still available remanufactured. but expensive as these lighter regular hermetic and Scrolls are least expensive but still do the same job as these ones do.

  6. عابر سبيل says:

    First, thank you for this wonderful video, from which I have benefited a lot

    I have three questions that I hope answered

    01- Can the compressor be operated directly from the circuit breaker, without operating the electrical control circuit?

    02- If I connect the compressor directly without gas, as in the video, is the compressor coil intact and does not burn?

    03- How long does it take to let the compressor run on oil, as in the video, before changing the oil again?

    And thanks again for this great video

  7. Gregory Clemen says:

    that is an "AIR COOLED" compressor( not refrigerant cooled) that is a 3 phase compressor not designed to operate on an "INVERTER" or" V.F.D." or the use of caps to fake the second/ third phase. it is also not designed to operate as an air compressor!!!, it will not produce enough C.F.M. it ill not keep up/ maintain good air pressure to operate a sand blaster, or paint gun, also you are going to notice an objectionable amount of oil in the compressed air. there are no oil rings in the compressor!!!

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