Kimmo, of at wits end homestead in victor, montana, shows off his cheese cave. This is a small, insulated room with an air conditioner that has been tricked into being a refrigeration unit. The contraption that pulls this off is called “the cool bot”. Great big wheels of cheese fill the room. And some squashes.

He has a big wheel of cheese that he turns over in a salt brine.

This is a poor man’s walk in refrigerator / cool room.

You can make rooms that are much larger with the same contraption.

music by Jimmy Pardo

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31 thoughts on “freaky cheap walk in fridge – cheese cave

  1. tappakeggaday1 says:

    @pawnjp i can agree to some extent, cheese is good.but when it comes to methane, have you watched any of the you tube videos about burning lakes?basically if its organic, all of us and animals and nature we all produce methane gas.yes it hurts the ozone but some and cultures are now building home methane plants to burn it as a clean fuel.we need more of this free energy sustainability.and of course used the right way not to cause any more problems

  2. pawnjp says:

    I'm with you Mr Keg.
    my point is really just that Dairy isn't necessarily as bad as some people make it out to be,
    but it's not all beer and skittles.
    Harnessing methane, definitely a worthwhile endeavour.

  3. dogbone222 says:

    You make your own cheese? I just recently made some "farmer's cheese" and so far it came out great. I just salted it and put it in a fridge. I want to make cheese wheels like that. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. MsSilverkate says:

    I could see a series of rooms doing this from the cheese here, to a above ground root celler, to a fermenting room to a tofu and soy milk production and storage area.. Thank you for the vidio

  5. oregonmeds says:

    Nice setup. I didn't know you could do that.

    All these people badmouthing cheese and dairy farming may not know it but regular old local farming isn't a problem, it's mismanaged factory farming where only $ matter that often don't do well by the animals or the planet. Local guys, real farmers who have their own land and care for it… We need those guys back and to appreciate people who care for their land products and animals. Farming where animals graze nice land, don't live trapped in shit.

  6. waswestkan says:

    a liquor store in my small town used this method to create beer cooler in it's storage room. For them it was a better option that installing a commercial refrigeration unit.

  7. EarlRausch says:

    Great idea. The new refers are very efficient so the cost is not bad.Plus insulated.
    As an American i was raised knowing only a few cheese tastes. But over the last 20 years or so my taste buds were opened to many different types of cheeses. Much of my cheese odyssey is due to having a friend from the great cheese state of Wisconsin
    Give cheese a try !.

  8. nikole marek says:

    I have a large storage room that i use to store my Couponing stuff ( shampoo, razors, body wash etc…) but am going to relocate it to my garage and would LOVE to make it a room like this… where can i go to get information on how to convert it to this?!

  9. hank lawler says:

    I made a large walk-in, actually, a 10' high X 16' X 20' drive-in cooler to accommodate a small fork lift, using the Coolbot and a 400.00 LG AC unit from Home cost: 1500.00 (incl.Coolbot and AC)..monthly cost to keep it at 40 degrees is 22.00..and, can bring it down to 30 degrees, if necessary..been running non-stop, without a glitch for 4 years

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