Freezer Defrost Timer Live Operation on testing board.

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42 thoughts on “Freezer Defrost Timer Live Operation

  1. robert st-denis says:

    i have kitchenaid model is YKBRS21KAW00 my problem is .if the temp control is off!! the defrost timer is making noise and advance, evap fan is running but slow and compressor wont start.but freezer will be cold

    but if the temp control is on!!! the compressor start ok freezer stay cold,but defrost timer is not making that noise and does not move a bit, evap fan won't start at all and inside the fridge part its hot no air coming from the vent in fridge. .

    the light in fridge and freezer stop working and there is a small switch for uses less energy if flip one side and flip on other side is for reduces exterior moisture the light does not come on either on the switch. not to sure what this switch do but din't seem to make a difference in the pass but i know that light was coming on if it was flip on before .

    any suggestion of what can be wrong ?

    I change the defrost timer and i change the evap fan and the temp controler too at the same time !.something is running backward but not sure what could do it …
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  2. T12π¥ says:

    Man for me this is the best explanation video on this subject. Thanks for sharing and putting in the time to make that mock setup for all of us to see and learn from.

  3. jay bassan says:

    i work for a company that mainly does commercial heating and cooling towers your videos explained refrigeration perfectly for me i feel like ive been working for years haha thank you and ill will 100% like and subscribe

  4. George Puicar says:

    Charles. Great video!!!! I have a question.
    How is the compressor able to accomplish pump down of the system,when I switch from 2-4 refrigeration contact to defrost 1-3 (now closed)? I can't see it how it's done,since evaporator,thermostat and solenoid are all in series on the same circuit,namely 2-4.
    By switching from 2-4 contact to 1-3 contact now energized, I de-energize the solenoid,now closing and pump down can't be accomplished by the compressor.
    Please help me understand this problem. Thank you

  5. MTLTV1765 says:

    When I go to Sam’s Club, I noticed that sometimes the evaporator fans in the coolers holding the frozen foods are off. I assume that when the fans are off, the evaporators must be in defrost mode as you have described in this video. However, when I look at the evaporators in the refrigerated (non-frozen) foods cooler, those fans are always on (never off). What defrost system do you think the evaporators in the refrigerated foods cooler have which does not require the fans to go off? Or is that the fans do go off in defrost mode, because of the warmer temperature that the refrigerated foods cooler is in, the defrost cycle does not happen as often?

  6. Robert Yu says:

    Thanks for the video. Good circuit logic setup/explanation. Only thing you did not mention the functionality of is the thermostat on the left hand side of the setup. I assume that is just a refrigerator thermostat controlling when to kick on the compressor to cool the frig. to the proper temperature.

  7. D Rodriguez says:

    I’m 3 min into the video so far very informative. Just wanted to tell you the symbol for your limit switch is backwards. Should be above the decimal. They way you have it drawn indicates the switch opens on temperature fall and closes on temperature rises you want it to open on temperature rise and close on temperature fall. Just some constructive criticism. Keep up the great work!

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