Is more expensive actually better when it comes to coolers? Hannah and Lisa put them to multiple tests in order to find out.

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48 thoughts on “Gear Heads | Which Cooler Can Keep Drinks Cold for 5 Days?

  1. CaptainFabulous84 says:

    Wait, you mean one of the most expensive is yet again the "best"? I'm shocked. Shocked I say.

    You know you can buy 12 of the inexpensive coolers for what you'd pay for the "winner"? Does anything think that $300 cooler is going to last 12x longer?

    I think this is my last time watching any ATK equipment reviews. Nothing but nonsense over and over again. I loved Hannah's "Is It Bad?" series, but this stuff is just garbage.

  2. Scuba J says:

    Some of the things are kinda self explanatory… No latches? Yeah, the lid is going to open if dropped. It comes down to, do u NEED ice for 5 days? Or just for a day at the beach? Most ppl could easily spend $30 on a cooler and it suit their needs perfectly. If you are willing to spend over $300 and need I've to last several days, then enjoy!

  3. TomJeffersonWasRight says:

    You forgot the cooler retention test. Put each cooler in a pickup truck bed and leave the truck parked in a public place overnight. The Yeti will grow wings and be gone in short order. The Coleman and Igloo will stay put. Also, at a party, no one latches the coolers: it is just open the lid, take a brew, and walk away. You are lucky if they close the lid. Knock them over and they all spill.

    Seafood dealers use big, thick wall, all foam coolers, the kind with a checker board on the lid. They take hard use, insulate incredibly well, and don't cost much. And while they work well, don't expect to get much for a stolen one, which means it will stick with the original owner.

  4. imari2305 says:

    $300 for a cooler I'm not using everyday isn't worth buying unless I'm using it as a replacement for my fridge and for that price I can get a fridge with freezer attached. Just for cookouts or picnics a cheaper priced cooler like the Coleman's is perfect since it won't be in use for more than a day. I've had my igloo cooler for over 12 years and it is still in good condition. Thanks but, no thanks……

  5. Giuseppe G says:

    Worse review I have seen from Test Kitchen. The conclusions were obvious from the very start. Compare low end with low end models, or high end with high end, but low end with high end is ridiculous.

  6. Beejay Swifter says:

    Geeze, YouTube. Please provide some way to stop playlists autoplaying! I was almost finished with a longish but informative comment for this video when I was suddenly blipped to the next one. Comment lost, AND I don't give enough of a sh*t to rewrite it. Thank you, YT.

  7. Paul Goff says:

    I normally do not comment on YouTubes.. as I dont expect for people to be professionals when they make a home video. I have been working in the Cooler industry for over 25 years. Both Coleman, Igloo as well as Private Brands. Your testing methods are very silly and really do not provide any good information to your subscribers. Before you provide a rating to your subscribers, you should probably do a little research on how testing is done by all of the major cooler companies. in Addition, testing a $14.88 cooler against a $399 cooler does not make much sense either. You should have broken your tests into 3 categories. Opening Price Point coolers ($9.99 to $49.99), Performance Coolers ($50 to $150) and finally rotational molded coolers (Yeti, Igloo Sportsman Series and the 25 other Rotomolded coolers). This will provide accurate information for your viewer. You also did not cover that fact that the Roto cooler (Yeti and Pelican) must be Prechilled for 24 hours before use for correct cooling. Lastly, the test standard is rated at cooler temp above 33 degrees is the standard for the test to end. not sure why you used 50 degrees for your testing, unless you are not into food safety. Thanks for allowing a professional opinion on your video.

  8. Kimchi Love says:

    Okay but didn’t say what the testing standard was – one fill of ice and 5 days later full? Or what?
    Drained not drained etc?
    Ps… why does it matter if the cooler tips with top open empty, exactly how long is it going to be that way as by the nature of its very function,
    Fill it

  9. T Law says:

    I enjoyed this video overall. However, I would have like to have seen the cross sections of the Yeti and Pelican side by side. Also, there are people that claim these coolers come with sections that are missing foam. Thanks.

  10. Plexdet says:

    whenever cook’s country comes out with a video about which product is best, I look for a gear heads/Lisa video because cook’s country feels like i’m watching a morning news show, also seeing the testing methodology is most of the reason I watch.

  11. Susan St. says:

    I think this was an apples and oranges comparison. Pelicans and Yetis are designed for the outdoor sporting enthusiasts, not your run of the mill house party, few hours at the beach types. So comparisons between those are designed for the weeklong campsite and those that are designed for the house party beverage should be done.

  12. danteelite says:

    Are you planning to do a smaller soft cooler video?

    I ride a motorcycle and often carry a smallish "cooler" bag I got for 8$ at dollar general and it kinda sucks… its digital camo and looks neat, but it doesn't work great. Honestly though, I mostly use it for hot foods. I ride down to a restaurant or drive thru with the bag folded flat on my tummy inside my jacket, I open it up, put my hot food inside and hang it over my shoulder on my lap while I ride home. It's kept a hundred tacos nice and hot on my rides home… but whenever I try to keep anything cool it just gets destroyed by FL heat…
    I've been looking for a decent replacement for a while now, but they're so expensive for something that potentially might be no better than my dolla store bag.

    (Believe it or not, one of the best insulated "cooler" bags I've ever used was an old baby bag my sister lent me for a ride to pick up her food. It kept the drinks ice cold, the food hot, it kept them separate, it had amazing organization and it was extremely comfortable. It was an expensive baby bag, and definitely not my style, but for anyone looking who might already have an old baby bag laying around, give it a try! I'm not sure why a diaper bag is so well insulated and high quality, but… hey.. it works.)

  13. Brandon Hoffman says:

    You want to hear my story about how my Rtic paid for itself on the 1st night! BEAR ATTACK!

    I go camping in the Sierra national forest with my father every summer. while bears can be a thing, I haven't really seen one that wasn't running away. So anyway, we normally have a cheap Coleman cooler that goes unlocked and unadulterated for years. But it was getting a little too old and we began looking at a replacement. We wound up splitting the cost of an Rtic that was on sale. So, we proceeded to bring it with us on our next fishing adventure! We also decided to lock it to the trailer and lock it shut at night. Boom 1st night the thing was attacked! I noticed it tipped over and marred with scratches and smiled like a kid again. If that was the Coleman, we would have been down 100 bucks and a cooler easy, plus half the morning trying to find it all while on "vacation"… (which my father has done)

    So ya BEARS!

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