This was an installation of a Heatcraft QRC evaporator and condensing unit on a beer walk in that ended in a failure on my part.
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  1. Buck Starchaser says:

    18:20 It's rather telling of the overall quality when the [black canister with the drier attached to it] has pipe surface corrosion due to the manufacturer using acid flux and not bothering to clean it off afterwords…. But you said it's some Chinese jobbie, and that pretty much tells all. You can probably read that sight glass better with some help from your brazing inspection mirror though.

  2. Shawn Monroe says:

    You mentioned having to support your line set,…if you’d have left the Condensor support 2×4’s longer you would have been set. Coming from a 25 year background in Union Carpentry.
    I really enjoyed the video. I appreciate your integrity in owning your mistakes. Very nice, we all make them. Love that tubing bender! …and all the other really cool tools and gauges. Keep up the great work and videos, Chris. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🇺🇸💪👊😎

  3. Art Houston says:

    $250 for a pressure sensor made in a factory under conditions none of us would tolerate. Because we accept these manufacturers exporting their work, we deserve what we get. This is what sleepy Joe wants.

  4. CHOMAHOMA says:

    This video thought me to read and read, and read again, and again if necessary the Manufacturers Instructions and take notes if possible.
    Again. Thank you for your videos.

  5. Rick Reeder says:

    Like your other videos, this one was excellent. Code in our area mandates that we precisely follow manufacturer's instructions for installations. Failing to comply with code becomes a liability issue. So although it might drive other people crazy, I read the installation manual cover to cover no matter how many times I have done an install. In 42 years of doing mechanical and HVACR work, I have seen many many changes in equipment and practices. I still make mistakes occasionally, but more often than not, the practice has kept me from making many huge ones I would have otherwise made. You are an outstanding technician, not only because of your knowledge, skills and abilities, but because of your honesty and integrity. I have seen many really talented dishonest technicians, or honest incompetent ones. Either way, the customer loses. You are much better than either of those.

  6. Nina McClure says:

    It sucks making mistakes but we are only human. I think its important to man up and admit the mistake if you think you made one. I have been working in a place were very few people admit they did wrong. It sucks having to search through hrs of camera footage to see who drove through a dock door or ran a forklift into a guardrail. Keep up the good work guy and learn from it like you said.

  7. thehappyTexan says:

    Wife and I own a small business that came with a heatcraft qrc walk in freezer unit that had been plagued with issues (poorly trained techs) for some time. Your videos have helped greatly. Replaced weak evaporator fan motor, thoroughly cleaned micro channel condensing coil, still getting error for low superheat. Hooked up gauges, went to suction pressure in monitor function, found gauge showing 23 and transducer showing 57. Sat and let unit run for a while. Gauge stayed between 20/25 but transducer was going crazy. Dropped to to 2 and rapidly rose to 167. Gauge held steady just below 25. Checked harness and all good. New transducer is on its way. Talk about sticker shock! If only I knew the psi range of the oem transducer so I could use a Johnson controls unit for half the price and fully sealed. The poor/incorrect work I have found on our equipment done by “professionals” blows my mind. I was a master certified journeyman tech for 15 years for heavy class 8 trucks and the kind of workmanship I’ve seen on commercial hvacr is absolutely unacceptable in my background. Thank you for your attention to detail. Doing things correctly is almost always easier than rigging something to just work.

  8. Dje4321 says:

    There is a Non-Zero chance that there was something besides nitrogen in that oil. The manufacturer will do their own decay test, then charge the system with its specified refrigerant and proceed to run it for about 5 minutes to verify everything works. After that, They recover the charge and then charge it with nitrogen

    Source: Lead QA for a HVAC Manufacturing plant

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