Jay Lopez of Cleannex LLC explains how a quarter inch of grease is deep cleaned from a restaurant kitchen exhaust system. He starts at the top of the system, which is the fan, and works his way down to the duct, grease filters, and oven hood. He scrapes and power washes thick layers of grease away from the metal. If a kitchen exhaust system is not cleaned according to national guidelines, a fire can ignite and burn down the building. It’s recommended that these are cleaned every 30 days to six months, depending on the cuisine and frequency of cooking.

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How Thick Layers Of Restaurant Grease Are Cleaned | Deep Cleaned

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32 thoughts on “How Thick Layers Of Restaurant Grease Are Cleaned | Deep Cleaned

  1. Larion Knight says:

    My dad used to do this as a 3rd job. He used to go at 12 midnight working until dawn, since it's the only time the restaurants are empty plus he already has a day job. I respect and love my dad for all the work he does for the family.

  2. Po roro says:

    i think in my country McDonald's or other restaurants is never do that cleaning. they open for 24 hours and I never seen there is a restaurant clean their ventilation, i just know they do air-conditioning cleaning but never do this and also never seeing people do inspection in here maybe there is an inspection but only the first time when the restaurant opening.

  3. Hierro says:

    I hate working at restaurants
    I'm glad I don't have to do that
    Pay sucks
    Too much work
    You have to deal with too many Karens
    Thank GOD I don't work in restaurants

  4. ジュン says:

    Please use Oil solidifiers, like BCI's Oil Solidifying Polymers (formerly known as C.I. Agent), are composed of dry, high molecular weight polymers that have a porous matrix and large oleophilic (strong affinity for oil rather than water) surface area. Upon contact with oil, the oil solidifiers form a physical bond with the oil.
    More cheaper than hire somebody for clean it and the grease just too gross don't dump it whatever you want

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