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29 thoughts on “How to Add Freon To Your Refrigerator 134a – 10 Minutes FAST EASY TUTORIAL

  1. Yayah Khan says:

    Thanks for your video, easy explanation. My whirlpool doesn’t cool at all neither side, the inside fan turns on when you plug it, but the compressor and the compressor fan doesn’t turn on. I watched tons of videos I couldn’t find any explanation. Can anyone please help me.

  2. Nathan says:

    If it’s low gas , it means there was a leak.
    So first find and repair the leak. Then Pressure test, vacuum, and gas.
    I would aim to use the stub on side of compressor. Then a final pinch and braze off.
    Leaving the piercing tool there permanently I’m afraid the gas will just leak out again.

  3. doubleupsales schoolyardcoach says:

    when opening your piercing valve you should have purged your line with freon beforehand. now you are putting potential contaminates in your system. when you put freon into your now contaminated system you should turn it upside down so the first shots are liquid not vapor. finally if you do this for a living you would not use a puncture freon can because no you cant use your manometer and line for your next job.

  4. squeezingtom says:

    Thank you very much for this video! I was able to fix my EdgeStar wine refrigerator that wasn’t cooling enough. Working great now. It cooled down within minutes after charging the system.

  5. samlol23 says:

    My subzero has an extremely slow leak. I had someone suggest replacing the evaporator coil 2 years ago and as a temporary measure he added some refrigerant. It’s been fine ever since without replacing the evaporator coil. Today I got an extended compressor run on the display. I had some R134 in the house from a wine cooler repair I did last year but don’t understand how much to put in. Someone installed access ports in the subzero that makes the job easy. Hooked the gauge that came with the 134a to the low side. Purged the air out and let the compressor run and I was in a vacuum slightly, which is low refrigerant. I only added until I was just out of vacuum, but I’ve read the pressure of 134a on the low side should be 20 psi. Is that static? Without the compressor running? Like you said I would rather under than overfill. You said add until 2. 2 what? Psi? Thanks anyone

  6. Jin Song says:

    Good video but as people mentioned he didn't purge the air out from the hose by running out a bit of freon before he opened the hose up to the compressor.

  7. steve dental says:

    Great video,I think I'm going to give it a try . I have a question At 7:18 when your opening the valve with the allen wrench ,isn't the system sucking in the air thats inside the tube gauge thats leads to the freon ? Does it matter that that air is gets into the system ?

  8. M Ilyas says:

    This is a very good and knowledgeable video. Thank you
    You are using 134a gas but my fridge takes r600a gas. Can you please tell me if I can use the same procedure to charge the r600a gas into my fridge?

  9. Tom Genn says:


  10. V Paturi says:

    Just follow the instructions as is, it works just fine.
    If you try to be extra smart and try to fill up freon on low side to match the pressure mentioned on the back label of fridge it will break your compressor.
    Exactly 2 PSI when the fridge is close to the coldest point when compressor is running.

  11. Tom Genn says:

    Hi On amazon link you gave, cannot find the freon for refrigerator, is the freon with the same number R134a for auto's the same thing, can i use that instead? Thanks

  12. Clayton Newman says:

    Hey big time Romania , question , had kdx 200 built and thrashed gone to 06 crf 450 , you did titanium Vs ss , more stress on other components eg cam chain , is this still your idea , I am interested in your opinion as u the man on spelling it out


    Little Einstein Please
    Refrigerators Donot Use The Freon You Got
    In This Video Lol
    R-134a is use for automobiles
    134a is use for refrigerators
    They Have A Big Difference Between The Gas Pressure.
    Read In Google And Donor Tell ame They Are The Same ok.
    I Know People Learn From Youtubers Teachers and
    Not By Professionals.

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