In this video i will share with you my method of checking a refrigerator compressor to see if it is good or bad.

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42 thoughts on “How to Check a Refrigerator Compressor

  1. Enjoy Calculus says:

    Just because the windings have continuity doesnt mean that its good. The windings being pitted together would also show continuity but if you took an actual resistance reading it would be way off. You would have to ohm it out and get the actual resistance reading to make sure the resistance of Common to Start + Common to Run = Run to start.

    If you check a large hermetic/semi hermetic compressor that has an open thermal limit using your demonstration , you would have no continuity between common to start and common to run. According to you, the compressor is bad. Not necessarily.

    Don't just go around using the dummy beep and not check the specifics. Teach it correctly. so the world doesn't think of all HVAC techs as idiots.

    Also LRA doesnt mean the rotor in the compressor is actually locked. LRA is referring to the amperage that the compressor pulls during start up. If it shows the LRA or above the LRA for more than a split second than that would qualify as a problem. Teach it correctly or don't teach it at all.

  2. KidsandKarma says:

    My multimeter doesn't beep. Can you tell me how many ohms I should be reading if my compressor is good? (My compressor label reads LRA 10.5). My multimeter only goes up to 10 Amps. I don't want to ruin my multimeter, so could you tell me how many Amps it should read when touching between 2 of the 3 prongs on the side of the compressor, and then when touching from one prong over to the copper pipe? Thanks!

  3. johnnie veight says:

    very informative video, especially with the continuity testing, i pulled my tester and did exaclty this test, showing that my pump is infact good, so i now can go order the relay, fingers grossed my fridge is saved, and not going into the landfill, love repairing things rather than throwing them away. bless you sir.

  4. Austin Calda says:

    Thanks man even from six years ago. I knew the continuity between terminals trick but needed to refresh to make sure it was all three work is good only one with continuity bad. Couldn’t find anywhere else but you explained exactly what I needed.

  5. william marzano says:

    Hi, great video thanks, however, the problem I have is that unit keeps getting cold. it seems to permanently show a flashing -XX deg C temp and the water bath inside the cabinmate used for humidity is frozen solid. I have tried adjusting the temp to max (16 deg c)and left it overnight but it is still very cold. any suggestions?

  6. Just Me says:

    my freezer works but the refrigerator is not cooling. bottom freezer whirlpool. No fan sound. I unplugged and plugged in and it seemed to work for a day, maybe…

  7. B. Arnold says:

    I have the 2 wire volt tester so guess I cant just test on one wire like you did on that black wire I need a tester like you have can I borrow yours real quick like..ha. I have a Tan wire and a blue wire on top coming from relay..Blue on right side. So do I put one tester wire on each of those wires? The first test so far mine is ok I noticed a little burn spot beside that blue wire though on the relay you was shaking my box is white so easy to see the burn..So only test Im not sure of how to check is the LRA I see the fan is working I heard a click back here near compressor but its not running..So I ireally want to check on the LRA and Im going to shake the box like you did see if I hear anything. Ok yes that box of mine is rattling a awful lot plus the burn so this is most likely my issue..So Thanks for the vid!.Oh so now Im hoping the compressor didnt cause this relay to burn out..

  8. Glen Chadwick says:

    My refrigerator just like the one you are using went out. They are reasonably priced on Amazon and we are spoiled to having one in our bedroom so I got one in just 3 days but I love to learn and pretty mechanically inclined. So I look forword to doing what you just taught me to ease my curiosity to what caused it to quit cooling.

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