In This Video–You are Shown What a Dirty Evaporator Looks Like and How to Clean it.
Keep those Evaporators Clean !!! or they Won’t Work Very Well. Your Walk-in Cooler will not get to Temperature Very Quickly and it Will Cost You alot of Money in Increased Electricty Cost !!! Up to 400% More Electricity +++
You can also Lose a Fan Motor because it will work harder and Fail Sooner,( Higher Amp draw From Fighting to Pull air ) It Can also Cause Compressor Failure From Liquid slugging to the Compressor Because the Evaporator is Too Cold and in turn that Reduces Superheat, Possibly Slugging the Compressor at times.

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16 thoughts on “How to Clean an Evaporator For a Walk-in Cooler.

  1. Jim Pettinato says:

    I've cleaned a lot of evap coils, some coils are installed too close to the back wall, makes it hard to clean, usually a good long handle wire brush works, many evap coils go years without cleaning. Sometimes you have to use coil cleaner. Dirty coils like that cause coils to ice up, every early summer I have to spend time melting ice with my turbo tourch. I had a chinese restaurant where they put celophane on pans of food, the top shelf was right under the evap, the celophane got sucked up into the evap intake blocking the air. Easy work, not that hard to fix, It's all good when the customer pays the bill.

  2. XRP Inflammatory says:

    We have an old walk-in cooler. Someone wrote R-409 on the side of the box.
    Medium temp 35-40F box.
    The drain pan used to always have a bit of water in it and I had never noticed ice on the coil; however, 2 weeks ago I noticed the pan was dry, and ice was forming at the bottom of the coil.
    Yesterday we had a cleaning scheduled, and we cleaned the fan, which blows from the back, onto the coil; and, we cleaned the coil; which, was filled with grease-patty-funk.
    I was hoping that would take care of the ice problem but today I checked the unit, and ice is already forming on the bottom half of the coil.
    I know it runs from 10-20F, but I am not sure how this unit is supposed to defrost.
    I have been here for 1 year and the only thing I have ever had to do in this cooler is clear the drain line from time to time. I have never gotten a work order to take care of the walk-in until the last couple weeks, and I mostly know A/C.
    I'm looking in my book to see how this thing is supposed to defrost or if it should have all that ice on it, or something to help me.
    My book says, R-134a, or R-502, or even R-404; but, R-409? Not a lot of talk about it.
    What do ya think I could do?

  3. wwolf771177 says:

    The way I clean WIC is I spray the coil with a hose. Then hit it with nu-brite. After the nu-brite I remove the drain pan and clean that out and blow/flush the drain line…

  4. dave johnsonnola says:

    Did I see brown paper bags in the background? We get 40" loaves of french bread delivered daily in long paper bags. The leftovers are stored in walk in to make bread pudding. That evap clogs up quicker than most with similar dust buildup.

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