IMPORTANT: We now recommend that you wind / tension your spring by only 1/4 turn. This is usually enough to close the door without putting too much stress on old plastic.

Yes! You can remove, repair, and replace the broken internal freezer door on your single-door, 2-way, Dometic, Norcold or other similar Refrigerator Freezer in your RV, camper, trailer, caravan or boat.

This video helps you avoid EXPENSIVE collateral damage and is thorough and easy.

What tools do you need?
You’ll need:
1) A medium size flat blade screwdriver.
2) An air shim, like the one you can get here:

What parts do you need?

You can get reengineered, stronger, upgraded parts made of high-strength resin and save about 50%!
Our website:
At Amazon:

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are:
DOMETIC 2002236004 Left Handed Freezer Spring Casing
DOMETIC 2002236012 Right Handed Freezer Housing Spring

As you can see, these breakable plastic OEM replacement parts are CRAZY expensive! $30 each (as of this writing).

Why would you need to repair or replace your freezer door?

The most common cause of a broken Dometic RV freezer door is a cracked plastic part called the freezer spring “housing” (or “casing”).

If your Dometic fridge / freezer has a sagging door that won’t stay closed, one or both of the freezer spring housings has probably cracked or broken. This can happen if you:
– put too much weight on the door,
– if the spring is overloaded,
– if you try to close the outer fridge door with the freezer door open, or
– if the plastic got brittle with use or age.

If your Dometic freezer door doesn’t close all the way, it can be a real problem! Frozen food can thaw out. Delicate food in the refrigerator can freeze. And you use more propane or electricity to keep things cold.

How do you remove the door?

BE CAREFUL: wear eye and hand protection. There may be risks including sharp and flying parts.
BE GENTLE: older plastic gets brittle and fragile

To remove the inner freezer door:
1) Turn the fridge off and let the interior and parts warm up so they’re more flexible.
2) Open the outer fridge door as wide as you can.
3) Open the inner freezer door.
4) Slide the Air Shim between the right edge of the freezer door and the wall of the fridge / freezer
5) Gently and slowly inflate the Air Shim to widen the gap between the freezer door and fridge wall. This exposes the nylon “bolt” at the bottom right of the freezer door.
7) Use the screwdriver to gently depress the bolt into the wall of the fridge. This disengages the bold from the receiver on the freezer door.
8) Pull the right bottom side of the freezer door gently towards you. The freezer door should now be free.
9) Remove the freezer hinge assembly from the left and right sides of the fridge wall.
IMPORTANT: the left and right hinge assemblies are different. Identify the left and right assemblies so you don’t mix them up.

To replace a broken spring housing / casing:
1) Remove the bolt / spring from the broken casing.
2) Place the bolt / spring into the new casing. Make sure the protruding leg of the spring pokes through the slot in the base of the casing cylinder. The end of the bolt is pointed and will pop through the hole at the bottom of the well of the casing cylinder.

To replace the freezer door:
1) Place the left freezer hinge assembly back in the hole in the wall on the left side of the fridge.
2) Rotate the arm of the left freezer hinge assembly a quarter turn to about the 3 o’clock position.
3) Place the right freezer hinge assembly back in the hole in the wall on the right side of the fridge.
4) Rotate the arm of the right freezer hinge assembly a quarter turn to about the 9 o’clock position.
5) Angle the freezer door slightly downward (like you are about to open it).
6) Press the left edge of the freezer door firmly into the bolt and wiggle the freezer door slightly in the open-closed direction. You should hear and feel the bolt engage the receiver on the freezer door.
7) Using your finger or tool, depress the right hinge bolt firmly into the refrigerator wall.
8) Pivot the right side of the freezer door onto the bolt and position / rotate until you feel and hear the bolt engage with the receiver.
9) Rotate the arm of the left freezer hinge assembly in the clockwise direction until the 12 o’clock position. The protrusion on the arm engages the small hole in the fridge wall
10) Rotate the arm of the right freezer hinge assembly in the counterclockwise direction until the 12 o’clock position. The protrusion on the arm engages the small hole in the fridge wall.
11) Test your installation. Open the freezer door. Release. It should close on its own. Increase the pre-load on the spring if it does not close all the way.

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19 thoughts on “How to Remove, Repair and Replace a Dometic RV Freezer Door and Save Money!

  1. Alfredo wilson-reyes says:

    Thank you very much for your explanation, before I watched your video, I tried for about 2 hrs of frustration trying to figure out how to put the Freezer door back in place. After I watch your video it took 5 minutes.
    Thank you again.. muchas gracias.

  2. DDK says:

    Outstanding video! Very helpful I was doing it backwards for the most part after my clip broke on my freezer door this video was the only reason I was able to complete this. One of the best videos I've seen on YouTube in a long time very good descriptions and steps thank you so much

  3. Kristie Breithaupt says:

    Thank you thank you. I was resolved to duct taping the freezer door closed until I ran across your video. It does take a little muscle but I was able to do it. your instructions were very clear. I did have to do it twice because I did not completely remove the broken plastic inside of the holes. A good tip. Your product , the clips you make, is excellent and the price is perfect

  4. La Nm says:

    hi, I have tried to order twice from your site and even entered my cc information, I don't know if I am getting the products I ordered one set or two(not needed) or none! please respond, thanks! I am in need of the freezer door parts(both sides)

  5. Cheryl McCallum says:

    Saved me $, time, and frustration!!! Thank you. This video gives the strategies and cautions needed. I first watched the 3 minute shorter video by an RV tech person. I appreciated it. Thought I could do the repair based on that, but I reversed the springs (not the housing which is clearly marked) unknowingly and total failed on first try, almost breaking my fingers doing it. Thanks for the aftermarket parts AND the way to use them safely and without breaking anything else. Made my day!

  6. Matt Smith says:

    Hi i have air leaking into the freezer door on the left side creating pre mature frosting. I have inspected the hinges and both are good. What recommendations do you have to resolve this issue?

  7. Charles Kronvall says:

    In April 2019, we bought our 2008 Airstream Safari SE 23FB. The previous owners had installed velcro to "help" keep the freezer door closed. We finally got frustrated enough that I started looking to try to find a replacement freezer door, thinking that was the problem. In the process, we stumbled across your video and am I glad we did. Your video provides clear, straight forward visual and descriptive guidance on how to perform the repair. We bought your part through Ebay and the Air Shim on Amazon. We completed the replacement in about 15 minutes and for the first time we have a freezer door that works. Think that this will also help our frosting problem as we now have a true seal without the velcro on the door and the freezer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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