Tutorial: Learn how to stress test a new PC build and the software involved!

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22 thoughts on “How to stress test a PC to find errors and crashes

  1. The Pig Room says:

    I just built my first ever PC. Everything booted up for the first time and was working perfectly for the first couple days until I started running programs like Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Capture One and got constant blue screens. I am so new to this and no sure what the issue could be. Any ideas?

  2. David M says:

    Hey during my cpu testing my max core frequency went -3.7ghz intel extreme tunning utility also said it was only activating 1 core. This was the second test on cinebench my power settings are set up as balance. Then when I ran it for the 3rd time and it jumped to 4.90ghz max core frequency. Should I be worried?

  3. Samson Stenton says:

    A 3600mhz kit on say a ryzen 2k is rather an issue though as if you enable DOCP then you'll have post issues as the memory controller usually can't cope with that 3000mhz is safe and 3200mhz is getting on the limit with those chips

  4. Joeri Tijhuis says:

    I was a QC tester for over a year, stress testing servers and do replacements accordingly. Even i did not know that RAM doesnt come out of the box with the clockspeeds that are advertised on the box. I dont think its common knowledge. Thanks for the tip though

  5. Ninja563 says:

    I dont get a blue screen or an error.. My computer just turns off randomly and I have no idea why. Any tips will help. Power supply is good, GPU test with furmark is good (temp stayed under 65 degrees). I have factory reset my pc and it still does it. It worked fine for about 2 years and the warranty is coming up at the end of this year. Any advise? imma test the cpu next

  6. Ahura Teir says:

    hello mate , i bought a gaming laptop and i have no idea what is what . all i noticed as soon as i start doing something fan start working which is unlike my normal laptop . my laptop is nvidia do i still have to use this ADM software on your video ? or something else . also i have lost my job somebody told me something about mining in gaming so i can make some money for a while . do you have any video for such things ? many thanks

  7. Suth TokCraew says:

    i run cinebench last night, my cpu temp reached 99c within one minute 😑 i figure out its problem come from a cheap thermal paste that i use. trying to re-paste my thermal paste, and now my cpu temperature 87c max after half an hour of testing, may i know my cpu will come into problem when a temperature reacher 99c at first test?? i can't eat now because im worried about my cpu can cause any problem 😔 i7 12700k

  8. Harry wheatley says:

    Amazing video once again! If I do all these steps are everything’s working fine does that kinda mean my pc is fine? So if I stutter in a game it’s more likely the game rather than my system?

  9. Markiss Boi says:

    2022 looking at this app ive never seen B4 – OCCT stress test your PC finds any conflicts?
    As Gigabyte Apps Easytune stopped working 2020 on my PC i just set the Bios 5ghz i7.9700k & Afterburner for the rtx 2080.s waterforce GPU
    New found app still reading watching videos Do really i need it ? PC runs Fine Just curious ATM tried The Intel cpu O/Clocker wasn't really happy with it

  10. LoveIsTheAnswer says:

    @9:05 What do you mean our PPT is maxxed out? HOW? What setting did you change as you said "I can hit apply as we run the test"? Why do you NOT show what you did in full to recify this power draw and why are you going so fast in these videos? GAH!!! This video is such garbage in terms of being able to duplicate some random setting you never even show to overcome this limitation. Why do you go so fast in your videos as you explain procedures? WHY? SLOOOOOOOOW DOWN Speed Racer! Geeez! This video is so frustrating to me!

  11. Zane Parsons says:

    Im fairly new to using a PC and recently got a build and purchased it from ibuypower because it was able to get the parts and it installed cheaper for what I wanted in my PC. Now, I have attempted to fix the crashing while playing games by using DDU to uninstall drives that hasn't fixed the issues ran a 10 min stress test on cinebench and it was able to pass that when I installed heaven it was able to run fine for about 3 min and then it crashed to desktop. When running heaven, the GPU was saying at 62C to 63C. I have checked all my fans they are working and so far, have tried about everything that I have found to do. now one thing I wasn't able to follow was when doing the Cinebench test I wasn't able to download the intel ETU system to check temp and cores and all that info because it was telling me it doesn't support my intel core. The core I am using is a 12th gen intel i5 12400f. Does anyone have any other version or software that are safe that I can download so I text it properly? I really just discouraged by the constant failures after spending the money on my first PC build and don't have extra funds to try other components, I suspect the Nvidia MSI RXT 3060 could just be at fault if they gave me a bad one but i don't want to believe that until I try all the steps. ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIEATED. thank you.

  12. Joseph Ox says:

    Run 7 days to die at high settings.. that is a graphic hungry game… I have ROG strix 3080 12gb. Custom water cooled on a 360 rad. Still gets very hot 🔥🥵

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