Video explaining how to test the compressor if you have a refrigerator that is not getting cold. This is a simple test and with a multimeter and some common sense you can do yourself. This will help you determine if the compressor is bad or if the relays that start the compressor are bad.

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New Video for Diagnosing the Compressor on your Refrigerator

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49 thoughts on “How to Test the Compressor on your Refrigerator

  1. james davis says:

    Hello Sir, I have enjoyed your videos they have been a great help to a new technician. I do have a question.. I measured the resistance of the compressor and got 6.2 on the run side windings and 8.1 and the other , the dual poles across i got 12.8.. Does the number reflect a bad compressor… the schematics said 4 on the run side and 6 on the start side..pfss2miya ge is the model nnumber .. thanks for any help

  2. The Dude says:

    My top pin wont give me any reading on the multimeter so im guessing that the top pin is not good anymore. I'm curious if anyone know if the top pin is repairable or do I have to replace the whole compressor. Thanks.

  3. Curly ELP says:

    Hey Mr Bill, Good video and love the roosters, we have about 15 chickens and three roosters. Neighbours complain that the roosters can't tell time, they expect them to crow "ONLY" around early morning? Hey so I have a Questionable compressor, blew a new "overload" right off the bat. I have continuity at all three pins , (ohms ?? not sure) , "BUT" I also have continuity from all three pins to my copper tubing next to the compressor. Is that good or bad? Thank You Raul PHX

  4. M. D. says:

    This is exactly what I needed to see. I replaced the run capacitor and the defrost thermostat, without any testing. They're cheap and easy, but didn't do the trick. Just tested the compressor and it's good. A new start relay is on its way. Should've watched this video first. Thanks. Fingers crossed. P.S. I have a rooster in my neighborhood. Damn, they love to hear themselves! I actually like it though. LOL

  5. jalapino4 says:

    My True refrigerator compressor kick on around 10-15 second then shut off. My evaporator doesn't feel any cold or ice at all. The compressor doesn't feel hot or warm. Is that a bad compressor?

  6. Philly Penn says:

    I tested my compressor( embraco emi 30her 115-127v 60hz )on a Mini refrigerator , between three pins, they are 22.8, 8.7,30.4 does it mean the compressor is bad. the compressor could not start, there were click sound then about 50 seconds later another click sound, then about 10 seconds later another click sound. Can anyone help?

  7. tsampair15 says:

    Hi Bill, I checked pins on my compressor and gave me all readings lower than yours: approx 8.5 (bottom two), 5.1 on bottom left and top and 3.4 on top and bottom right. Is that still ok, or is my compressor bad? Thanks for the great video!

  8. nuget102 says:

    Been trying to diagnose my compressor on my boat… I'm thinking wiring issue, since I hear no relay click. Thanks for this video, now my understanding of fridge systems is a bit better. :)

  9. Die Hard Fan says:

    I have a question. I hope you’re still answering them! I did a quick starter and got the compressor to run it’s running just under one amp. But even when running it nothings cooling inside. Does this mean the compressor is bad or? I know all the other fans are running. I would imagine I should have some kind of cooling if the compressor is turning yes?

  10. Ed Litty says:

    Thanks Bill. My 22 yr old Amana Side by Side started to shut down both frig and freezer. I left it off for about a week to decide what I was gong to do. I replaced the start relay and overload with a Supco 3-1 hardstart. I also checked the compressor and got the same ohms readings that you did.( 10,6, 4). Frig is at 39*, but freezer is at 24*. It is empty. I never did place a thermometer in the freezer section since we purchased it, but online comments say it should be 0–10*. I do know for kicks I placed a plastic tray for cubes in the freezer and approx 5 hours later they were frozen. I do not know how to the freezer temp any lower. Any thoughts?

  11. John Sanchez says:

    Hey bud thanks for sharing your wisdom. I do have a question though. A two part question actually.
    I have a compressor sitting in the garage that is missing its relay.
    A: Can the relay be bypassed without damaging anything internal?
    B: if it absolutely needs to have the relay, is it part specific or can I build A little circuit with a relay on it?
    I won’t be using it as a heat exchanger. I just wanna see for myself how much of a vacuum these little compressors can pull. I’ve heard people swear by it and other people knock it.
    My apologies for the lengthy question.

  12. girton says:

    Very -helpful – Can I ask – Can you check the compressor in place in the refrigerator (with breaker off obviously) or do you need to remove the compressor to check it?

  13. Kelvin Bridglal says:

    Very nice and well-explained video. Learned a lot. Thanks, watching from Trinidad. If a refrigerator after running for some time shuts off and won't restart. But after unplugging for a couple hours then plugs back in, it will start but run for only a couple hours then shut down again. Is it the defrost timer?

  14. Nick Rafiq says:

    I have a brand new fridge but compressor is not work. It’s a variable speed compressor. Run to common reads 10 ohms. Start to common read is also 10 ohms. Run to start read is also 10 ohms. Is the compressor bad or I’m not not checking it right?

  15. Lothian Mcadam says:

    You suggest that the resistance values you read across the CRS pins on those compressors is typical of all single-phase compressors. Different make/model compressors have different resistance values, and those model-specific values are typically printed on the compressor's spec sheet or printed on a schematic that is affixed to the refrigeration unit.

  16. Winnie Learns says:

    Hi, Bill, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! My Danby DFF092C1BSLDB, It stopped cooling/freezing a month ago, with fan running, compressor being cold without running at all. The compressor reading is, 12.2Ω (cross) =6.6Ω (left) +5.8Ω (right), with those 2 values so close to one another, does that mean the compressor was bad?

  17. Rob Brown says:

    Enjoyed your video – very clear and loved the sound effects!
    We have a display chiller at home – according to the limited documentation that I can find it runs about a 1/8 hp motor.
    Is it possible to use a 3 in 1 that is rated higher. as I can't find any advertised at being 1/8 hp?

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