The customer called frantic because their walk in cooler was at 57 degrees, it could have been prevented but I’m not the one in charge of those decisions…



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  1. DashCamAndy says:

    A few weeks ago, the drain pump attached to our Hoshizaki ice machine failed, spilling water all over the floor. Roughly a week later, Idiot With Toolbox shows up, takes the pump apart, cleans more than 1/4" of shiny metal filings and black gunk out of it, re-installs it, and departs as soon as possible so he doesn't have to see it actually function. Ten minutes later, we notice the pump runs again, but water shoots out the vent holes of the motor housing, a nice 4" stream.
    We spend the next two weeks dealing with the infamous Three Beeps Of Annoyance, leading us to shut the machine off every night. Finally, Idiot With Toolbox shows up again and replaces the pump. Hours later, the new pump has failed completely and Hoshi's Drain Pipe is pouring water all over the floor worse than it ever has before. Since the pump is doing absolutely nothing but illuminating the Power, Run, and Error LEDs, I pull it out, drain the water from it, sweep the pond of water into the floor drain (squeegee is broken, our budget just got halved, so who knows when we can afford to replace it) and put it all back together. No dice. All 3 LEDs still light when empty.
    Idiot With Toolbox shows up a few days later, replaces the new pump. It runs, but it's pumping water out the motor housing again, and fails yet again.

    Now, if you have two brain cells, and they can fire simultaneously without electrocuting each other, you have probably ascertained the issue is blockage in the pump's outlet hose. It's 3/8" transluscent white semi-rigid water line, and it travels up the wall before disappearing into the ceiling. There are quite obvious blockages of black algae in several places as it goes up the wall. Our Three Beep Code is back, and Idiot With Toolbox is pissed because we keep turning the machine off at night because we actually need it to produce ice and this Hoshi has been problematic ever since I last worked there 8 years ago, this guy is wholly unqualified for the job since literally nothing he repairs is ever actually fixed and takes weeks to show up in the first place. It took ONE MONTH for him to replace a receptacle that began to burn in the wall, and a failing GFCI has had the Reset button helpfully jammed in to keep it from tripping instead of replacing it THREE MONTHS AGO when a repair order was filed.

    Just the other day, he stumbled on a "better" solution. Same Hoshi, same drain pipe, going into another new drain pump, whose semi-clogged hose circles around the handwash sink where it attaches to the wall, and then runs to a tee that drops back down into the original drain pipe (why?!) and the original drain pipe has a new tee that runs to a plastic sump with sump pump, which has a new 1" PVC line running into the ceiling and from there, who knows. I looked at the new hack job and… I swear, this guy is stupid it makes my brain hurt. Just run the ice maker's drain line into the sump with the sump pump and new line from the sump pump to the main drain line, and call it a day!

  2. Jahmel Barrett says:

    You always do such a great job with confidence…you’re my most favorite tech to watch on YouTube… I just start commercial hvac in September and I’m doing good because of your I did residential for three and a half years.

  3. Gerson Reyes says:

    Amén brother, overthinking before heading out to a call is painful. I get it, you want to think ahead so you can be prepared, but honestly try to just get there and go through the basics and just by doing so you’ll point the right direction.

  4. Kevin Sullivan says:

    Hi Chris. If you have a work order to be signed by that customer, do you have a section on that document labeled Special Instructions to the Customer? Would you then recommend the customer inspects the food quality in the cooler right after you leave before selling it to the public, and get that customer to initial that recommendation?

  5. Jon Larsen says:

    Its just physics. The btus it gives up or is needed to create a phase change. Plus the added dynamics of phase changes at different temps because of pressure temps. I have tried to teach this to a number of customers and just get a glazing stare.

  6. Willemies says:

    I love these videos so I can imagine what it would be like to be a refrigeration technician. I already know a person who would take on an internship and I think I'm gonna go for it, I love this industry!

  7. Marcus Roberts says:

    Thank you for the informative video. Im an hvac contractor but I’m trying to expand into refrigeration and your videos are helpful. I do think you should always use coil cleaner though because it removes any grease/oils on the coil which causes the dirt to adhere much easier.

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