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47 thoughts on “HVAC REFRIGERATION: Scroll compressor will not start! Walk in Cooler Warm WIC

  1. Felipe HVACR SoCal says:

    Good stuff Rookie . Did you pumped the system down at the receiver obviously, then front seat the discharge valve , to cut down the recovery time , and just replace the compressor, driers , and then just open up the valves ? Good video !!!

  2. JT H says:

    Obviously something mechanically wrong with compressor – I have used that reversing trick for 35 years – another thing you can do if it doesn't break loose is hit it with a higher voltage – I have used 240v on 120 compressors and 480 on 208 compressors. Just make sure everything else is disconnected so u dont let the smoke out of anything. That unit had obviously seen a burnout compressor failure with the addition of that suction filter. I would have been prone to do a little better system clean out. Flush it with some R22 flush and replace the gas… but I also u understand the pressure to get them up and running after closing time…

  3. Christopher Landry says:

    Nice job, it is no fun being on call, weekends especially, and having a bad compressor in the middle of the night, been there, no fun at all ! Nice call avoid the callback , better safe than sorry!!!!!<

  4. Joseph Lopez says:

    Im feeling contamination in system..
    I would evacuate..triple evacuation..nitrogen purge..
    Charge with correct spec..
    But in the real world..
    I defitinley would explain as you did to the customer..if they say yes to swap out..
    Hell..better safe than sorry..
    I just feel like acid.or contaminant in system.
    Or a bad start component.
    You did the right call bro..
    Its tough.
    Appreciate your time..
    Bryan Tyler Refrigeration.
    Call me anytime my info.or email me..ill respond asap
    I like to chat with you brother…

  5. t lech says:

    Sweating out the dryer it’s like using a steam kettle to intentionally introduce moisture into the pipes saturating with moisture. No 500 µm no problem we all like copper plating and acid Job security another compressor in a few years

  6. mesedrew says:

    Sometimes it is so locked up nothing dislodges it! It could be a bad spot developing in the compressor that might be occasionally a problem now, but once the hot weather hits could end up being a nightmare for the business trying to keep it’s product chilled! Replacing it put you ahead of the game, because if not now it would be later, likely in 100° heat!

  7. Kev B says:

    Hey Rookie Refrigeration, assuming debris caused the scroll to lock up initially, you are relying on both drivers now to remove any debris from the system. On an on call friday I would've done the same thing as you, but realistically this may have needed a full charge recovery, rx11 or nitrogen flush, and then deep vacuum. Don't you think.

    Compressors don't die…. They get murdered

  8. Officer Krupke says:

    After you got it going in right direction, you should check each leg for amps. All three legs should have equal amp draws, if not, you may have pitted or weak contacts in the leg that is drawing less, while the other two legs will be running higher than normal amps.

  9. Sean L says:

    I look over a few of those beacon 2 systems myself im more of a fan of KE2 is . On the beacon 2 systems the time delay on makes are they there just so there is no flood back during start up? Also never thought of running a scroll backwards to free it up this was definitely worth the 15 min

  10. Dave K says:

    I would have recovered all the refrigerant. Reason being. What if that debris is still floating in the system. Well it's still there..I bet it was a chunk of copper shaving from the other compressor install..someone didnt debur their pipe. My only gripe.. not pulling to 500 microns. Oh..I always keep a can of rustoleum paint..hey while vacuum is pulling you could have saned real quick and gave it a shot. Wet rags save the day did great brazing with oxygen/ acetylene.

  11. Fly_esai says:

    I heard that switching those wires around is a technique for when you are in a bind and need to provide cooling in an emergency situation. I feel as a tech in the field you did that. So good job! Let the haters hate! At the end of the day you got the job done’

  12. L. Padilla says:

    Rookie, do u recommend more btus on a condenser unit than a evaporator coil for a walk in cooler or match it? The store match a 4hp with a 27300btu evaporator coil, what you recommend me, thanks. Great video.

  13. heavydiesel says:

    Can be worth checking all three phases are pulling current, a bad contact in the contactor or blown fuse will leave the compressor trying to run on two phases giving the symptoms of a seized motor.

  14. Miguel Martinez says:

    That’s cool you checked it out you recommended the compressor to get changed out and you took care of a potential 3am on call out good looking out for your fellow co workers bro👍

  15. jeff robison says:

    I had a similar thing happen but on a 20hp semi hermetic copeland, reversed it and it started. pressure looked good so i ran it. this was a 4 ton per day ice maker and the production was low and freeze cycle was longer even tho my pressures looked good. I finally pulled the heads off and the pistons in 2 of the cylinders were not moving. I guess when it was reversed it broke the rod but never knocked or made any bad noise.

  16. THE HVACR DUDE says:

    When you unsweat driers. I've never used a torch. If anything is in the cores the heat will make it migrate into the system. I always cut them. Old school trick. Makes vacuum go alot faster…and if you bleed your nitrogen out the high side only after a pressure test the vacuum will go faster bc it pushed all oil to outside of the inside of the piping making a channel……just a trick☺☺

  17. hvac01453 says:

    I think you may have made an error. Your compressor was fine. During your test, it was single phased. You should have been asking yourself how could it have registered 0 amps when it attempted to start if it went off on overload? The reason, ….you just happened to clamp on it the open leg, of the bad contactor contacts. The middle and right leg would have registered high amps. Always check for voltage on the compressor side of a contactor. You never know when that voltage doesn’t get across. Standard rule of thumb also mandated by the OEMS is to replace the contactor with a three phase compressor replacement…
    Next time, when something looks odd, look a little deeper.

  18. JJ James says:

    Great work. Curious, will a scroll lock like that if the compressor heater goes bad and allows liquid refrigerant to accumulate in the compressor?

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