We discuss some of the similarities and differences of HVAC vs. Refrigeration as a career path.

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36 thoughts on “HVAC vs. Refrigeration – Which is Best for You?

  1. kool hub says:

    Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration, has it issues, I did it a while work for a Ice Company, and this was when Ice Boxes units ran on R-12, and the freezers can on R-22, in the late 1980s, and early 1990s. a technician came in and service the Ammonia machine, and anybody knows that produces very low temperatures, and you have to have steel piping, and water cool towers because of the high head pressures, Commercial units have as we know, low pressure, and high pressure cut-outs, and Refrigerant TEV metering devices, but Air condition is much better as with heat pumps, but it up to the person what field they want to work in, and what hours and what else they want to deal; with.

  2. SMOBY44 says:

    I went to HVAC/R school in Phoenix in 1989, and my first job was ducting homes for a contractor that did both HVAC and also commercial refrigeration. From the start I would go on after hours call with the techs on my own time and in a year was put into the on-call rotation. I have worked refrigeration ever since and now have my own refrigeration company. If you're really good with refrigeration and electrical diagnosis, you can name your price in this line of work.

  3. Scott Grigsby says:

    Mr HVACR I would love to talk to you, ok Ill go ahead and do it, My name is Scott, my number is 520 266 9558 I am in AZ please call me leave a message if I do not answer, thanks

  4. J MAC says:

    Been a Sub for some time now and I never watched this video somehow. As a 20 year Union HVAC/R Field Sprvsr (With a travelers card to work anywhere in America,) I think that was the absolute best way to describe the differences in HVAC to Refrigeration. You nailed everything I have been trying to teach everyone my whole career. Well done buddy!

  5. Todd Gary says:

    If u like having a life outside of work go into hvac, if u are prepared to potentially work a 60 hour week and get dispatched to a store at 3 am that’s an hour away… do commercial refrigeration and get rich lol

  6. Derek Jackson says:

    Your podcast on this subject was fantastic. As a 18 year Hvac vet who tried his hand at grocery store refrigeration allow me to throw my two cents in to anyone considering refrigeration. First of all I was horrible at it. Know this before you go in that this industry is so short handed that you will be working 80 plus hour weeks. It’s incredibly stressful, store managers are up your butt screaming to hurry up because of product loss. The gentleman giving the podcast is 100 percent correct, you need to be very patient, extremely smart, and willing to not have a personal life. I’m not exaggerating. There is a ton of money to be made in refrigeration but so is there in even residential Hvac if you do both tech side and also sales of new equipment.
    Good luck out there boys!

  7. Santana’s Vibes says:

    I started as a supermarket refrigeration helper and now transitioned into AC service tech. The change is amazing. I did 3 years in refrigeration dealing with so much emergency calls. In AC calls you only work 8 hours, no on calls, and I get paid a lot because of my refrigeration experience.

  8. ImFromUranus says:

    I’m a supermarket guy and the I love the work, but the hours are no joke. I’ve had multiple 24 hour shifts. I know techs who’ve worked 30 days straight. Even with all that, there’s no greater feeling than seeing that freezer pull down to temp after an emergency compressor swap at 4am lol

  9. HeyImVex says:

    I remember talking to a refrigeration tech a few months back. He said “yeah, I make good money. I pay the bills and put food on the table, but my newborn daughter and my wife are my top priority. Ever since doing this job, they’ve now become my lowest priority, and not by my choice”

    Shit hit me hard man.

  10. Jonathan Rivera says:

    I’ll take refrigeration work over residential anytime of the year and week. Hate hot uncomfortable attics.
    I do a lot of restaurant work where i have yearly contracts. I do all maintenance.
    If equipment is wells maintained emergency calls are cut down to where spending time with family is possible. I have been doing for 18 years.
    Is all about work ethic and if customers are willing to pay preventative maintenance. If not cut them lose and avoid headaches. Have 14 year old clients that they trust me, have keys to all restaurants and can go work before cooks fill the kitchen. Im mostly home by 6pm

  11. mike henthorn says:

    as i work on boilers and chillers for a university campus i can say that any changes i make to the BAS take time to see the change. i have 10 sq blocks in Ohio that can change temp 30+ degrees in a day that i have to cover. with 350 degree water with 2oo psi nitrogen so the water doesn't boil on my heating side and a 43 degree chilled water side it can be a challenge to keep all the pumps and systems working together.
    none of the changes or repairs are fast or easy as my systems are 30+ years old.

  12. mike henthorn says:

    as for training, i was sent to the Trane school for a week for my chillers. i learned more in that week than i did in 20 years working on equipment.
    note if you go to that school in la cross WA don't try to drink with the locals they hate their livers.

  13. Gerald Henderson says:

    Question: I own refrigerated trailers. How do I get the necessary training to work on my own equipment? Carrier and Thermo King require you to work for them in order to take their classes. Thanks for any insight.

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