Old dead unit that has had a lot of evil acids and chemicals through it with the gas its been pumping out.

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37 thoughts on “Industrial Refrigerant Recovery Unit Autopsy

  1. gushhnet says:

    @refrigeracionguido Ed no habla español (que yo sepa) pero le traduzco tu mensaje de todas maneras: Translated message follows….. "I see you like to investigate/tinker, could you send me a diagram of the gas circuit? — I want to build a recovery unit".

  2. sxalexx says:

    @gushhnet looool you speak good spanish cuz i used google translate and it turnd up like those really bad cheap toys with bad English on them this is waht google translate thinks it was: I see you like research, you can send me the circuit drawing of the gas, I make a recovery. LLOOOOLLLL i make recovery too

  3. gushhnet says:

    @helipro555 Of course I didn't translate the word gas either, should've said refrigerant. But I'm not getting paid am I? :P — It is after all my native tongue, but I don't really like Spanish at all.

  4. American Locomotive says:

    The thing floating in the blue separator is a float valve. When it fills up with enough oil, it opens pushing oil into the suction side of the compressor. That way you are not always venting high pressure gas to the suction side.

    If I had to guess, the copper oil separator is on the suction side for incoming gas. Probably to keep incoming nasty oil out of the compressor. Which would explain the site glass and manual drain.

  5. coolbluelights says:

    @Aussie50 I see, Thanks. we run 240V for large appliances like electric water heaters, dryers and stoves and normal appliances run on 120V also stores here use 277V for their lighting fixtures, it's a weird voltage

  6. heavydiesel says:

    I expect the copper tank is to collect any liqiud that comes into the recovery rig, the one we had ran the discharge hot gas through it to help vapourise the liquid, the shreader core is to drain the oil that comes in and otherwise wouldn't be able to get out unless the copper tank had filled right up. The blue one is to return the kirby's oil back to its sump, the rattle is the float that shuts off when theres no oil to go back.

  7. Aussie50 says:

    @Serostern I wasn't after the copper, I dumped the whole thing in the steel bin.

    grinding and cutting wheels are just one of many consumables I expend making videos for YT

  8. HomeBrewPower says:

    Dude, your neighbors must hate you! Shit all over the yard and contaminates leaching into the ground. I bet your next doors grow some freaky vegetables! On the upside, keep up the videos, I love em!!!! Andy – UK

  9. Aussie50 says:

    @Driftt888 lmao, I find it funny when people call me a idiot :P

    Both the blue cylinder and copper cylinder are oil separators. the copper one catches oil from the unit being recovered, the blue one catches and re-circulates the compressors oil so that it does not run dry.

  10. Aussie50 says:

    @Driftt888 I'm better qualified than many fridgies.

    If I find another unit like this, you can come get it, and take it apart so that you see how it really works.

    there is a HP inlet on the blue oil separator so that it can purge oil to the LP side when the float switch trips. the copper oil separator may receive some liquid from the dead unit being recovered, but its main role is to separate oil and prevent flooding the compressor with bad oil.

  11. John Tillack says:

    wtf. A receiver doesn't come off the discharge…. are you a refrigeration mechanic??? An oil sep comes off the discharge, then through the condenser, then the liquid line receiver…. Thats why it's called a LIQUID LINE RECEIVER. not a DISCHARGE LINE RECEIVER. 'You go to Nth Brisbane Tech or something?

  12. Z Ack says:

    Dude had a ton of interesting stuff and knowledge.. he was like the aussie version of me., Maybe ill get to meet him when i finally leave this place..

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