A walk in having ice ups gets a defrost timer installed.

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29 thoughts on “Install defrost timer on walk in cooler

  1. mike_HVAC says:

    Had a random call at a cattle ranch a few weeks ago and had to replace one of those 208/240 coil contactors on a similar unit.
    I'd picked one up by accident and decided to keep it "Just in case", glad I did – quick and easy fix and the customer was happy.
    Saved a two hr round trip drive to the parts house too! Def worth it to keep one on the van for out-of-the-ordinary calls.

  2. Mark Payne says:

    I dont know your first name so let me say this Im so estatic when I watc your video you explain everything to the best minimal camera movement Ive been an electrician since 84 and started doing AC Heat and refrigeration about 90 love to be educated in this industry in my opinion you area credit to the industry one problem could you tell me the lyrics in the intro cant understand and you always have something nice to say about the others on You Tube Thanks You Are The Best

  3. Anthony Reardon hvacr says:

    The 9145/9140 series time clocks are nice. One of the key improvements with this model time clock is it keeps track during power outages. Once power is restored the timer starts ticking on time. This is key when your running more than one timer on the same box.

  4. Michael Glasser says:

    I don't do refrigeration, but I'm fascinated by it, and have always wondered about defrost controls. If you have multiple power outages does that cause the defrost clock to gradually fall further and further away from the actualTime? So now maybe your defrost instead of being in the middle of the night is during a peakload time?

  5. Jeff Hall says:

    Nice work Dave! That looks like one of those Norlake units. They always freeze up because they're not built to handle opening and closing all day long. You'll see them in Subways and a few other establishments. What you've done also works on R-22/R-407C units as well, as they also tend to ice-up because of the operating pressures/temperatures and people going in & out of them constantly.

  6. Tyrone Sheppard says:

    Nor Cal, correct me if I am in error. The way I understand your wiring in of the defrost timer in this video is that you wired in contact No. 2 and 4 of the defrost timer in SERIES with the cold cotrol contacts, then used the output of the series circuit to bring one of the hot legs to the 208 volts contactor coil. Doing it that way means that the refrigeration mode circuit of the defrost timer needs NOT only contact No. 2 to 4 on the defrost timer to be closed, but it also needs the cold control contacts to be closed for the circuit to be complete on one hot leg. Of course, the other hot leg of the 208 volts is not on a switch. It's
    wired directly to the other side of the contactor coil. Wiring it that way means the contactor coil circuit is complete whenever BOTH the cold control contacts are closed AND contacts 2 to 4 on the defrost timer are closed. Also, the power supply for the timer motor is wired in PARALLEL with the line side of the single throw double pole compressor contactor. Did I get that right, sir?
    I had to think about it because I'm used to the wiring of pumpdown split systems where the thermostat output goes to a liquid line solenoid coil, not a contactor coil.

  7. Brad Capps says:

    Your using the defrost timer to allow more time between the intervals to increase the air defrost time that wasn't available with the cold control. Just guessing

  8. Win Dennis says:

    Will the fan on the evap continue to run when it goes into defrost? I want to recreate the great job you’ve done here. I have the exact same setup but I don’t understand how you routed through the contractor

  9. Win Dennis says:

    Sometimes you need to watch a few times until you get it. I see it now. L1-L2 off the terminal block to the timer. Jump off L2 to half of the coil. L1 through therm back to timer com and out NC back to coil. Fans powered on all the time on top. Therm, compressor T1-T2. Did I miss anything?

  10. Angel Munoz says:

    Im a electrician on a construction site and the refrigeration technician told me to install this defrost timer with his Walk in freezer ,heat strips, thermostat and such. After watching your video it seems like this is the job of the refrigeration tech. In anyone’s experience here have you guys seen an electrician wire these up before or is that typically out of our scope?

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