Installation of a 31x 36 walk in freezer with insulated floor. Refrigeration will be 2 5 fan evaperators fed by 2 6 horsepower 460 volt scroll compressors.

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16 thoughts on “Installing a Large Walk-In Freezer Part 1

  1. Kevin Hornbuckle says:

    I love the way you guys solved that doorway fitment challenge. Regarding the floor design, is there a rubber gasket on the wall-to-floor joint? I imagine that the interior has to be food grade compliant. So frequent mopping will be a pain for crud build-up if the joints are too open. What type of food will the factory be processing?

  2. Swarf Rat says:

    Nice job! Are the compressors made by the Roots Co.? The reason I ask is I worked on diesel/electric train locomotives at a Railway Museum several years ago. Some of the more powerful prime movers were turbocharged. The "naturally aspirated" units use 2 (the prime movers were in a V16 cylinder configuration) Roots screw-type blowers that developed 15-psi for each side of the prime mover (diesel engine). Yes, they were two stroke engines and had ports at the bottom of the cylinder. The air pressure from the blowers would help remove the exhaust and charge the cylinder with air for the next power stroke. Thanks for sharing your work! The other parts should be just as interesting.
    Have a good one!

  3. SHAWN HAWKINS says:

    awesome job Greg. I used to live in Columbus Ohio and they had a restaurant supply store there. it was like a huge Warehouse with extremely inexpensive cookware I mean professional thick walled hi Gage aluminum for five bucks. they had a fucking walk-in cooler in the store. I thought that was something that you bought out of a brochure from a picture I never knew that they actually had them in stores that was amazing to me. that and the six-foot-tall hand-held blender

  4. Alan Plumb says:

    Brilliant video,,, very interesting ,,,,great description ,, I have been wanting a shed extension and considered refrigeration panels would make a brilliant building material ,,,,, no framing , they would span 10 or 12 foot without any joists etc,,, and used ones at reclamation yards seem ready available ,,,,, these have obviously got a modern cam fixing ,,, but after seeing this im sure they would do a brilliant job,,,,, I might even be able to build a shed around and over my existing one ,,,, then dismantle the old one inside ,,,,,

  5. Dennis Williams says:


    Did you allow for heat under the floor to prevent frost heaving?
    I know os several large drive in freezers that use ambiant air blow through channels under the concrete floor to prevent frost build up

  6. Knolltop Farms says:

    Man, all that extra labor due to the improper packing would have boiled my undies, I'm hope you at least mentioned it to them. I am not even affected by it, or much of a hot head, but I'm mad for you and your company, LOL! Looks like you guys took it all in stride and are making great time now that it's mostly organized. Well done, and thanks for sharing your day job with us again. Aloha…Chuck

  7. Aldean Louis says:

    Are theses panels free standing without any sort of framing for support? How is that possible? I have a large walk in freezer and need to divide it into two sections. I wonder if this will work for me. The roof is very high unlike yours.

  8. Carlos Burgos says:

    I believe when you get close to closing according to Corp. instruction door goes last but before the last two or three panels and that is why they and still have an issue closing the freezer ! Like plumbing the panel (90)degree is left off! First the heavy door !

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