Jayne is back with a new gadget! Keep food fresh and be able to enjoy seasonal produce anytime of the year with a Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer. For more tips & recipes, visit

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41 thoughts on “Keep Food Fresh With a Vacuum Sealer

  1. Sarah says:

    I have seen people seal and freeze plates of food….meals…..can you do this with this particular brand? If so, any tips? Thank you.

  2. Richard says:

    Thank you for the ideas you have presented. I have similar device. Question: When we write the date of preservation, how are we to know/determine the expiration date?
    Thanks again,

  3. liam devlin says:

    starting to look at food preservation as a newbie, i dont get vaccum sealing ! You take a soup from the freezer in a tupperware, then put it in a mylar bag, then what, you put it back in the freezer? what is the point in that? Also sausages, once put in a mylar bag-dont they need to go back in a fridge? Canning i get, but very expensive in the U.K for a canner, and jars are 4 times the price, example ball jar in USA as little as 50cents, U.K £3-£4 ! Good old rip off Britain. Just buying tinned foods seems to be the only way for U.K citizens to store food cheaply ! Unlike the U.S since fridges came into homes, we dont have Pantry's anymore, though i wish we did.

  4. Around The House With Randy Meeks says:

    Neat! Thank you for a great video, just bought one myself. (30 minutes later my keys and wallet are vacuum sealed and stored in the freezer) lol Great Visual on the Thumbnail it was perfect with the bright colors and info within..in one thumbnail you showed this machine does meats and veggies. Good job.

  5. can toker says:

    Bir bilgi notu;

    Vakumlanmış gıdanın ne kadar süre ile taze kalabileceği, vakum makinenizin gücü ile alakalı olmakla beraber ( vakum pompa kapasitesi ve vakum derecesine bağlıdır. en az 70-80 Kpa, yani 0,70-0,80 Bar ( 0,07 – 0,08 MPA diye de geçebilir ) olması beklenir ki bu sayede sert ve katı ürünlerin hava ile teması daha iyi sağlanabilsin http://www.inovatifsan.com buradaki makineler de bu özelliğe sahiptir. ) Taze Gıdalarda bozulmanın geciktirilebilmesi 2 koşula bağlıdır. Isı durumu ve Hava ile temas. Eğer Taze Gıdanın hava ile temasını tamamen kesebilir ve bu gıdayı 3-7 derece arasında muhafaza edebilirseniz, gıdanın taze kalma süresini 6 – 7 kata kadar arttırabilirsiniz.. ( bu gıdanın türüne de bağlıdır. Örneğin bu sürenin bazı peynirlerde 1 YIL olduğunu testlerde gördük ) Ayrıca makineniz tüm poşet türleri ile çalışabilirse. ( http://www.inovatifsan.com Örneğin buradaki ürünler öyle ) orta ve uzun vadede daha mantıklı bir alışveriş yapmış olabilirsiniz. ( düz poşetler tırtıklı poşetlere göre en az 40 TL daha ucuzdur ayda 2 kg poşet kullansanız dahi, düz poşetle çalışan makine 2 yılda yani neredeyse garantisi bitmeden kendini amorti eder ayrıca tırtıklı poşetlerin maks. ölçüsü 30*40 cm dir önemli!. ) Saygılar.

  6. Gollammeister says:

    I'm learning and have found that if any dehydrated foods that have produce ld sharp spiky pieces of food etc can and do puncture the bag breaking the vac seal etc I've read that there's numerous options such as mylar bags or there's freezer paper baking paper even as it will help reduce the possibility of bag punctures

  7. Heather Smiliekiwi says:

    It’s great for resealing bags also You don’t need to eat the whole bag of crisps or crackers. Reseal the bag. Also is amazing for keeping carrots crunchy! Seal in a larger bag than needed so you can open and take out what you want and reseal. Same with cheese
    I love mine. Use it daily

  8. william moore says:

    Do hot dogs stay fresh longer vacuum sealed with a food saver? I believe oscar meyer hot dogs are vacuum sealed from manufacturing. Wasn't sure if a food saver was better?
    Thanks William

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