Manitowoc ice machine with warning light, lets take a look.

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22 thoughts on “Manitowoc ice machine with remote condenser issues

  1. Dave K says:

    Brother Dave.. have you ever tried to use those zinc balls? Same theory as boats use. It takes the abuse of electrolysis than the coil. When I lived in OCMD. We put that shit on they do work good though. It increases the life of coils 2X. Be safe brother Dave..have a great day/night.

  2. Gas_Man says:

    You are a supertech great video. heading to work next week, Very optimistic about how it is going to be in the new age of the corno virus Keep busy hvac/r techs and be safe. playing the heck out of your reverb nation songs! its my national athem (-:

  3. The Lenawee Trekker says:

    You only get five years life span of a condenser coil. Wow, I'm in the wrong state. I can tell you where some Q series remotes are still running (hopefully). That salt air is amazing in its destructive powers.

    That pattern of corrosion is interesting. Is that from the fan's off cycle and water running down the inside wall, or is that from low air flow in the corners as the fan is running. I have never seen that before.

    How about that, a month and a half in lock down, with only table scraps jobs, but the technician mind is still whirling and inquisitive. You know I gotta look this one up🤣

  4. 44R0Ndin says:

    Not an HVACR tech, but are ice machines particularly picky about what remote condensing unit you put on them?
    If not, and you can use aftermarket condensing units on them without much issue, are the OEM units built well enough in comparison to justify the price difference?
    Just letting my idle curiosity out a little bit, I'm an auto mechanic so the most exposure I get to HVAC equipment is from fixing automotive HVAC systems (I don't think I've ever run into a system with a capacity over a ton, and luckily I haven't run into a system that uses anything but R-134a in 20 years)
    Gonna be interesting when most of the automotive manufacturers switch over to R-1234yf, right now the stuff's expensive because not many vehicles use it, but that's probably going to change. Heck these days most of the stuff I work on holds a pound or less of refrigerant.

  5. Dave Part says:

    Thanks for caring Dave about the "grungies." Cleaning that stuff up make the difference between you and just a "get it done – fix it" call guy. Hey, Besides your other magic.

  6. GhostFace NoFace says:

    Washington D.C area no restaurants closed can’t dine-in only carry-out and if they did close was only temporary while they sanitized . Only thing that closed was malls and some retail stores but a lot allowed curb side pick up .

  7. Fred Flintstone says:

    "… with the rules and restrictions.".. that's a dictatorship for you. Nothing has worked better in the last 50 years than the covid-19 crisis for taking away freedom and handing it over to state control.. Now we will have the state governing how we live in more detail, and more frighteningly, how we think.. People are already accepting this as being normal. That's how it's done folks.. It's the boiled frog syndrome.

  8. Lincoln Loud says:

    Great video, I really appreciate you doing these videos. Going to start working on ice makers again, its been awhile and this is good to see. Keep up the great work.

  9. JerryFrigeration says:

    Model 210E on the UNI T. I have been trying to get that model # for a long time off your videos. I have a lot of meters but seeing you use that makes me want one. Thanks SuperTech Dave. You are the man

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