In this video we discuss some of the basic for trouble shooting a mini fridge refrigeration system. Testing for shorted ground, testing the thermostat operation and compressor running load amps (RLA) and locked rotor amps (LRA) are discussed. This is only half of the lesson and part two will be uploaded at a later time.

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36 thoughts on “Mini Fridge Refrigerator Troubleshooting – Part 1 of 2

  1. scott kern says:

    Mine looks just like that different brand name but same inside luck. I want to get a drink in the garage because I was so hot and sweaty and my drinks were all warm so I checked the breaker just fine I had it set on six it won’t go no further so I turned it down to one and turned it back up to six and boom sparks flew is this fixable or throwable

  2. pancudowny says:

    To defrost mine, I'd just take everything out, set it in the bath tub and hose it with hot water via the shower hose. After that, just a wipe-down and maybe a little cleaning with cleanser & bleach–or dish soap–and another quick rinse, then reload…! 😉

  3. joeh690 says:

    so My Mini Fridge is Not Cooling Anymore, What i Tried: test the
    compressor by checking continuity between 1-3 pins and checking for bad
    ground faults on them too, and they were good and i also tested the ptc
    relay and that had continuity between 2-3 Holes/Pins? and No Rattle
    Noise, But when i checked The separate Overload protector it Doesn't
    turn on the circuit (Continuity Sound goes Off) when i heated it up by a
    heat gun off of the unit, although the Continuity test show it was good
    when checking the 2 pins? when i plug in the fridge the compressor
    clicks on showing 5A Start Current but my amp meter shows it has low Amp
    Draw after it turns on?. and i know its on if i tip it over i can hear
    it bouncing in there, and i also tested the thermostat it calls for
    coolant when i turn on the thermostat by checking continuity between the
    Hot and Neutral Pins on the Cord, and yes i can hear it gurgling too so
    i know it has Refrigerant? is it a possibility of a clogged line ?. im
    about Stumped. ):

  4. Mah A says:

    Thanks for this video .
    My fridge when I plug in the wire the fridge light inside the fridge working but the fridge compressor and the little cooling fan the one next to the copmressoer not running ?

  5. 1QTpie says:

    I just got my son a minifridge for his dorm room. It's brand new and it has a click sound every 8-12 seconds. Could a brand new fridge have a bad relay switch or capacitor already?

  6. Tim Thomsen says:

    He's a good teacher we need more teachers like that I got a little refrigerator like that and the line coming off the compressor was leaking and I was told that you can't fix that is that true 🤔

  7. Kronos says:

    Returning to this video, to let people know. His explanation helped me to resolve a similar issue with my refrigerator. Thanks a million to the Wonderful Teacher!! 👍🏼👍🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. Brittney Berlin Souzer says:

    My fridge has the issue of not kicking on when it’s supposed to. It will just let all the food go bad. Sometimes I can kick the side of it or shut the door a little forcefully and i can hear the compressor kick on. When I kick it it stays on till it gets where it needs to but then when it kicks off, it doesn’t turn back on. I replaced my relays and the overload switch on my magic chef mini fridge. Could it be the thermostat? I tested the continuity on the compressor and everything seems good there so idk what else it could be. Haallpppp

  9. JOE Z says:

    This is not what I was searching for, but glad I found it. I agree 100% with Ricky Stubblefields' comment. I watched the entire video gave a big .👍 & subscribed. Will be watching more of this channel.
    Stay safe, Joe Z

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