Last year we started doing a huge push on our long-term food storage. We already had some but, we could see that food prices were going to start going up because of all the instability in the world. It didn’t take long to run out of room in the house for all of these 5-gallon buckets plus we were still adding more every week.

Your food preps need to be kept in a cool dark place so, I started looking into adding a walk-in cooler. Turns out, those things are expensive but, I found that you can build something for a few thousand bucks that will work well. All you need is a shed, insulation, an air conditioner, and something called a coolbot ( ) which tricks your air conditioner into running colder.
Last September we bought a Yardline Waverly 8×12 foot shed from Costco for about $2,000 installed. We could have gotten something cheaper but, I am not super cool construction guy and I wanted it to A) actually get built and 2) not fall over from a light breeze. Add some insulation, plywood for the inside walls, and an air conditioner and we are up to about $2700 which will leave just enough in the budget for a coolbot.

Because not too many people were working and supplies were low, we could not get it installed until the beginning of November. I moved one of the security cameras so we could watch the installer build this thing. This guy knew what he was doing and had it up in a couple of hours. I wanted the floor to be insulated as well so, he let me get in his way for a bit before he finished the floor to do that. We also added more support under the shed than was required because we were going to be adding a lot of weight once it was finished. It was up but, I was crazy busy at work and had to wait a few months before I could start insulating the inside of the shed.

I wanted it to be over insulated so we put a layer of the Pink Panther insulation down first then, a 3-inch foam board then staggered another 2-inch foam board over that. For a wall, I just placed some plywood. It doesn’t look pretty on the inside but, it works. Once all of that was done, I realized that it was going to be pretty dark in there so, I bought a solar-powered motion-activated floodlight and set it up in the middle of the room. Then, I added a window unit air conditioner and for now, we are done. I haven’t got the coolbot yet because the room stays around 60 degrees and, for now, that is good enough. When we get to August or September, and the temps get real high, we will reevaluate the need for that. For now, it is time to start getting all of those buckets out of the house.

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3 thoughts on “Our DIY Walk In Cooler – L2Survive with Thatnub

  1. Foster Farms Ok says:

    most window ACs will have a set point down to 65 so if thats your temp goal you may not need the coolbot. Ive been thinking about doing the same thing. I think most guys use the cool bot to try and get down below 65.

  2. Original Intent says:

    I made a YouTube channel after talking to you at work a few years ago… we should do some type of collaboration. So I can get some more subscribers. Holster making, shooting or workouts for preppers idk, just an idea.

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