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50 thoughts on “Refrigeration: Freezer Evaporator Icing up

  1. Luzt says:

    a) You mentioned in passing "a design flaw" and b) I know that correcting manufacturers is a controversial subject. Having said that, wouldn't it be a good idea to move the defrost sensor to the most iced-up area of the evaporator and be sure each time it is 100% de-frosted? Thank you for another opportunity to learn.

  2. mychoclabwinston says:

    Remember when there was a A419, metering device, solenoid, evap fans, elements for defrost, on the roof, a compressor , time clock, fans, not all these boards that sit in -20C environments.

  3. Dunc Keroo says:

    Looks like the unit is going to be fine now. Yet one wonders if the original board was connected wrong and that is why it was replaced. It looks like one end of of the DFH retainer has fallen down or was pushed down by ice build-up.

  4. sjef oekel says:

    That is not the way to install an evap in that box. There is airflow issues, cant imagine some one in there right mind will do this, it blowing directly on the wall and bouncing back in the fans.

  5. throttle bottle says:

    A smart guy would use the available documentation, search for more if needed and use all available resources……. so that makes you a smarter guy 🙂
    as complex as everything has become, with many different versions, designs and manufactures it's vital to have documentation and lots of it.

  6. throttle bottle says:

    I'd guess it's flooding the evap coil too, since the suction temp reading is high until it eventually freezes into block and of course the defrost terminates way early.
    hard to say what else the controller would do wrong when in defrost or cooling, there could be many complex issues as it cycles icing further with time. likely they've never dreamed nor imagined that could happened and have nothing in programming and design to catch the issue. I guess they could have used all different plug types, but that would be a nightmare down the road.
    I guess they expected the tech to label them while removing or direct board to board swap that rat-nest, but was it ever right from the factory to start with?

  7. throttle bottle says:

    are the defrost element supposed to be hanging that far below the coils on the end not defrosting as well? I don't recall seeing them hanging low on others, did the retainer clip pop out during shipper or from icing up solid? those hanging would make it defrost uneven since it's mostly convection heat then, vs. radiant almost directly into the fins and lowest tubing

  8. hvac01453 says:

    you questioned the placement of the probes "return/Supply"…. I would check to see if the OEM was truly having the airflow like that. Someone may have replaced the blades or something… All the AHU I've seen PULL air through the coil. This also makes it much easier to clean the coil because the dirt is on the outer face of the coil. I have seen low velocity coils push air but then again those are usually on large up-flow types.

  9. PENSNASTY says:

    New to your Videos. I like the way you work. Speak in terms I understand without being to proper. I also like to hear your thinking process. I’m learning a lot. Thanks.

  10. Manny Radtke says:

    Let me tell you… There is nothing rookie about you! You are as thorough as I wish I was! Well done! Your videos are great and I hope others catch on to you! Keep it up and thank you!

  11. Yahya Bokula says:

    I appreciate your videos champ, keep em coming! Im a rookie myself with over 2 years in the game residing in London. Your doing alot with these videos for us rookies🙌🏾

  12. Cj C says:

    Also your valve will be open a lot more due to the defrost sensor being warmer than the suction line during operation. This could have ended bad for the compressor, id say it was a ball of ice

  13. Mark Payne says:

    You said early in the video that the third tech out should be checking for everything well if you work for us the first tech out should be checking everything that's what they get paid for

  14. uski says:

    I am not in the trade, so I might be missing something – but my suggestion would be to label the connectors with a small point sharpie ("SUC" for suction temp, "DEF" for defrost, and so on). Of course it should have been the person unplugging the connectors who should have been doing it, but better late than never.

  15. Jimmy P says:

    Just FYI
    If there is a smart controller for that beacon system you have to change the parameters on the smart controller for it to save on the beacon control board in that evaporator

  16. hg2 says:

    This one is going into the HVAC Hall of Fame playlist, i.e.
    The ones that would give you nightmares if you had to fix.
    The ones that start out with "Three guys came out here before and couldn't get it fixed…"

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