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38 thoughts on “Refrigeration ONCALL: Rack Down, Oil Failure and Dual Temp Case running too cold.

  1. OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's. says:

    Good vid ! Wow, more of those fan blades into the condenser. we saw that on video a while back & talked about it. That fan motor mount should have 2 of those long channell pieces joined across the top and bottom. definitely poorly engineered. 2018 unit. 🤣. lots of fun there. 💵💵💵💵💵 Definately re – engineering time & inspection time.

  2. throttle bottle says:

    ditto on 2018 fan obliterated by 2019. seen it on various equipment. I assumed and blamed it on ice/snow from accumulation, melt freezing and possibly off roofs making them break up.
    but after seeing more cases, I'm not so sure it's wasn't just poor metal and stress fracture from running.
    the units I seen were "indoor pool" climate control systems.
    they may have been used to cool or heat the air in winter, so I can only assume snow/ice melted and packed in enough to bend blades when fans cycled on pressure control, unit gets hot, fans cycle on and ZING bent blades and destruction….. horizontal airflow path come to mind, or a top cap that re-directs ( old tranes) yeah it all hurts efficiency, but what can you do!
    vertical flow redirected out to giant horizontal ducts and tee's with open bottom or 45 degree stacks? wait I have seen that years ago on flue pipe terminations LOL~!

  3. throttle bottle says:

    the melted wires told me enough.
    it also had a massive jet sound with the flame, bad regulator and over-pressure to gas valve which is letting high pressure through, bad gas valve or draft inducer restricted and pressure switch failure(not as likely) always stand off to the side, you never know LOL

  4. throttle bottle says:

    the real big polluting leaker's, "commercial refer" gee, who'd have ever guessed…. it's like tax payers coughing up 70%+ of income to fund the government (sanders) :)))
    why work, let the government pay at that point…………………………

  5. Dave K says:

    Commercial Refrigeration is not for the weak hearted or old men. It is a young man's game. Remember one thing.. have big trash bags. For the rack condenser fans that go down to seal off. Also big duct zip ties to hold in place. Some use cardboard but If it rains it won't last. This way if you get a fan out the condenser can still try to condense the refrigeration.

  6. Gio Fontanez says:

    Thats crazy. Had fan blades crack pretty bad on a store i work on, with heatcraft fan blades. Heatcraft came out and said there metal supplier cut the metal against the grain. Lucky it didn't blow that condenser

  7. Oliver Branson says:

    What’s you’re down time? I’m on every 7th week and of course back up the 6th week and one weekday night. I just turned 60 and it’s taken it’s toll. Don’t know how much more I can take. And it’s always busy. Winter and summer. It’s definitely a young mans game.

  8. hvac01453 says:

    you must be insane doing those hours. Do heat and AC instead. you'll do 40 to 50 hours max. Refrigeration has dumb hours and employers love to underemploy their workers and pay them peanuts. if customers consistantly call on weekends, my boss will let them go.. There is more to life than slavery to your profession. Home life will suffer and your kids wont know you… Smarten up.

  9. Tim R says:

    Man 90+ that's why I moved to vegas for the hours. And you hit it right on market refrigeration on call you dont hardly get to see the family but money is good

  10. Kevin OConnor says:

    Hey there. Just subscribed to your page. Love your videos. I recently retired from 44 years in supermarket work, union guy B book. I've worked on everything from old belt drive, water cooled single units serving 1 or 2 cases in old A&P's to brand new bitzer screw , glycol racks and everything in between. Never got to do CO2 however. I rely on yours and a couple other guy's vids to keep me coonected. Don't know why but I loved this work. Lots of 24 hour days in the worst weather. Sometimes my kids would ask, " Dad are you going in to work or just coming home?" I guess it gets in your blood. But I made it thru, 44 years!!
    Keep the faith man and keep up the good work. Thanks.

  11. Ba++y says:

    When they schedule you on call, are you still working on the Monday? Do they give you time off if you've done X amount of hours? And are your jobs far from each other? Sorry for all the questions, i'm just thinking about getting into Refrig again!

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