Video explaining why your refrigerator in the garage is not freezing food in the winter time.
Top Freezer fridges are designed to run in your kitchen, so you may run into some issues in the winter months with refrigerators running in an unheated environment.

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30 thoughts on “Refrigerator Not Working in your Garage? Here's Why

  1. Brian Napier says:

    I'm sure you get this often, but thanks for the help man! I had pulled the fridge apart and put it back together with no success. Atleast I know the components of a fridge now haha

  2. Nisha Nikole says:

    Watched your video AFTER having my fridge and freezer shut down, so do I need another fridge or will it work again if I place a heater in the garage? Will the same happen to my deep freezers (dog meat)? So far so good with the deep freezers. Will get heat out there ASAP either way.

  3. LL McK says:

    Hi, I am here in Texas and my garage Refrigerator/freezer combo doesn’t appear to be cooling like it should. My freezer section is cool but thawing my goods. Could this be my problem too? Due to the abnormally cold temperatures outside, could this cause my refrig not to calibrate the correct temperature setting for the unit?

  4. Pam St says:

    I’m in Texas. Temps were way low last week. The frig has been in the garage for 8 years with no problems until last week when temps dropped to 5 or lower. I understand what you are saying completely. My question is will the frig recover when the garage warms up and how warm does the garage have to be? All dials are set on what is recommended.

  5. Edwardscougar2011 says:

    Ok , I have the opposite problem mostly in the summer a little in the winter.. I have the same kind of refrigerator and the freezer vents ALWAYS freeze over. Where the seals shut it has frost all over the outline. Any suggestions? I am always having to unplug and defrost it which is a pain!!

  6. J Pavlic says:

    The idea MIGHT be to Wire the Lightbulb so it stays on with the Frig door closed…That might be just enough top keep the inner temp just slightly higher and fool the thermostat. I am going tp try this at some point with mine…

  7. Robert Lee says:

    It doesn't explain why a new Frigidaire freezer (only) which replaces a 50 yo JC Penney freezer(only) freezes in my garage allowing the food to thaw. I opened the side compressor panel and part of the compressor tubing had frozen ice covering it Conclusion is: they don't make them like they used to do. It is insane to design a freezer that kills itself in any environment below freezing.

  8. Dan Harris says:

    I have two refrigerators in my garage, winter frequently gets into the negatives. One refrigerator eventually will freeze things at those temperatures, but I have another fridge that keeps everything perfect, no frozen milk even when temperatures dipped below -10 F. Makes me wonder if it has some sort of heater in it.

  9. David Edgell says:

    My whirlpool refrigerator has separate controls in the refrigerator for top and bottom. Its in an unheated area and stuff is freezing in the bottom and the top freezer is not cold enough. Thinking about thermostat heating kit but don't know if it will work with 2 controls or if it can be used on just 1 which 1?

  10. jose vega says:

    thanks' for all your videos Bill, those are helpful you are with God now, thanks for everything and blessings for for all your family. thanks, thanks thanks thanks,,,,

  11. Anita Thomas says:

    I understand that concept but I had mine in my camper all winter and went back to the camper and everything in the freezer was spoiled. I turned it off all night to try to reset it but yet freezer will not work- is there a way to reset it?

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