If you have frozen freezer coils and the refrigerator is not cold, you may have a broken defrost timer. Here I show how to diagnose and replace a defrost timer in your refrigerator. Parts Source:

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35 thoughts on “Refrigerator Repair – Freezer Coils Frozen – Refrigerator Is Warm – GardenFork

  1. Robert Bridel says:

    Great video, but can I ask, are these components older? In other words, have most of these items been replaced with computer chips? I have the same issue, but repair guy says not worth reparing as it is the control board. Thoughts?

  2. JP JP says:

    I like your video, Don't know if I can ask a question, but here goes. The fan keeps going on and off after several times it stays running . It does this every time can you help?

  3. OffGrid Aussie Prepper™ says:

    thanks m8, ur the only one i found so far to explain the defrost system and i did not know about a timer existing, now i have to go find it, i already took the heater out thinking that crapped itself, i will test the heater element and see if it still works either with multimeter or giving it 230v juice for 20 seconds.

  4. Orfa R says:

    You’re video saved us from having to waste all of our groceries. We are in student housing and maintenance did nothing to help up and your video helped us find the problem. We’re so grateful 😭😭😭

  5. Cedric Moore says:

    Thank you so much! I’m someone who doesn’t have a lot of self confidence in these kind of DIY situations. You’re explanations were really easy to understand and very informative as well.

  6. Harris Tylissanakis says:

    Hi i have a fisher & paykel refrigarator model N395b the defrost heater have 2 blue/white wires & 1 green do is that green ground ? i aslso like to ask you where is the thermal fuse (the wiring dia shows me through to thermost but nothing is there.i will be happy if you give me an idea thanks a lot

  7. 144Donn says:

    I have a similar fridge..I am finding that it never turns off. I think it may be because the timer is broken and does not turn off so that the heater can work. I have frost build up but not SO MUCH ice. I bought this used and hoping to get it to spec. Thx

  8. Darren Flitton says:

    Excellent video, looks almost identical to the fridge I was working on last night. I used the ohm meter to test the heater element (while unplugged) to make sure there was continuity, but wasn't really sure what controlled it. Now I do, thanks for the explanation.

  9. H G says:

    i had my fridge defrosting for about a day with a heater to melt all the ice..
    i measured the temp with one of those infrared laser guns.. the freezer is -33°F and fridge is around 50..
    its been roughly 12 hours for the temperature to settle.. still not reachin that 40° for the fridge.. and the freezer seems really low. thought bit was supposed to reach a max of -8 but maybe its workin OT to try to cool the fridge..

  10. Jesse Borthwick says:

    I've been defrosting my fridge manually for months because the owner of my unit says that there's nothing wrong with the fridge. He blames the problem on the fridge being too full or a plastic bag being in the way of the door gasket. After watching your video and troubleshooting I can now tell him what's wrong and get it repaired. Thank you.

  11. Ken Hagen says:

    Thanks for a great video. I replaced my timer and it seems to be working. But two things: first the compressor cycles on and off more than every six hours. Forgive my ignorance, but does the compressor cycle operate on and off BOTH for its routine cooling cycle as well as for the defrost cycle? Nowhere I've read has it explained it that way. Some explanations seem to suggest the compressor will only shut off during the defrost cycle. That's not the case with mine. It does always restart however and everything seems to be working just fine. Second, I noticed your heater rod didn't turn orange as seems to be the case for other people who've posted articles. Mine doesn't seem to turn red either but when I touched it briefly after forcing a defrost cycle it became too hot to touch. So, does it HAVE to change color to be working properly?

  12. daniel vitolo says:

    Hi there. I have a question? So every 7-10 days, my freezer freezes up, and I have to unplug it for a day and then plug back in. Also it will freeze up if I keep it open for more then 20 seconds. It never used to do that. It’s a side by side Ge Profile. I cleaned the coil in the back on the bottom, Fan runs perfect, compressor looks and feels like it’s working, it gets warm. Also looks like seals are ok. “I think”. There’s a very tiny cut in the bottom of seal, but I glued it and it closes very tight! I also put the Vaseline to make sure it’s extra tight seal. Hard to pull open. I don’t wanna pay a whole bunch of money. Do you think I should open the freezer panel and check the thermostat and maybe the coil in there. I don’t really know what to look for. But right now it’s unplugged again. After it melts I’m gonna clean up the water. The only thing I have not looked at is anything behind the freezer panel. Any suggestions before plugging back in? Any help would be highly appreciated!!

  13. ALM says:

    Thank you for this DIY! Question: once I have installed the new defrost timer and have established that the defrost heater rod and thermostat are working, in what state do I LEAVE the defrost timer, one click or two clicks? defrost mode or cooling mode? (Apologies if this seems like an obvious answer)

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