Supco Universal Relay / Overload Combo R041 RO41→
In this video, I show a few of the common problems you will want to look for if your fridge is not getting cold. This is a TRUE brand commercial freezer model TBB-4, but you will find the same parts and troubleshooting tips will apply to your home fridge. This repair video was not as easy to make because of the kitchen employees that were around but I hope it is helpful to you nonetheless. If you have questions just ask!

Fridge: TRUE TBB-4 →
Relay: # 3ARR12
Generic Relay→



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32 thoughts on “Refrigerator Troubleshooting Repair not cooling – Compressor starter relay

  1. Jacques Daoud says:

    I'm stuck in soda case for more than two weeks trying to fix it it has two blower was working good before losses the Frio I found the like was the explanation valve I put small dap of nailock titan the nuts no more leak put NU 22 as it was before after I changed the dryer and titan the bulbs to the sucktion line low pressure on 40 hi pressures go up to 250 then the fun started and stop on 200 clear glass no bubbles compressor working good but no cooling I vacuum for two hours down to seven hundred micron any idea what going on ?

  2. Sugar Chateau says:

    I know this is 5 years old so probably a long shot but I’ve got a McCall commercial fridge and it’s actually heating up the inside of the fridge. Not just “not cooling.” It feels like cold air at the condenser. I’m about to start ripping into it and looking for issues. Just hoping maybe you might have a starting point. Compressor and fan are both running.

  3. James Bulcock says:

    Hello Adam,
    Thanks for the video ! Everything looks good that you request I check the compressor does not kick on and coil fan doesn’t come on. I did replace the temp switch thermostat a few years back an it worked fine , but that’s when it wasn’t cooling all the way. Could a faulty thermostat cause the compressor not to come on at all?
    Thanks for the help

  4. TheNYgolfer says:

    I know what I'm about to say is beyond most DIY's but I would like to suggest to those capable, to ohm out the compressor first. Just in case it's a burnout you won't waste time ordering and waiting for a new relay.

  5. De Santiago videos says:

    Hello, question for you. Simon my fridge all of the stuff you spoke about are fine. Except for the fans inside. They don’t spin there is 3 of them and none of them spin. Is there a relay for those or a way to check them? Mine stopped working after a power surge and now the fridge won’t cool plus everything cuts off after a few minutes of running. I’m guessing cuz these fans aren’t running. Please help!

  6. Pepe Gonzales says:

    Hi well I didn't know what I was doing & left the power on & began to work on this refrig. & Zapp I got shocked pretty badly, still can't feel my fingers and part of my arm is numb. The ironic thing is the song SHOCK ME from KISS was playing at the time!?!?

  7. Andrew Peck says:

    Thank you so much for the video. I have a quick question for anyone that might be able to help. I have a TRUE GDM-10 and the fan needs some help going. Once it is going, it cools but it kicks off and will not start again with help of a little push. I was thinking of taking the fan motor off and taking to an electrical repair facility local. Any thoughts?

  8. Quyen Trinh says:

    I have a true refrigerator blow warm air but I check the relay is good I also I replace a thermostat but still blow warm air I put the gauge in low side read 45 psig. How much psig will be good. Thank you

  9. kfl611 says:

    Great video. I saw a video, where the inside fan was running, but the repair man, knew by experience, that it did not sound right – the inside fan. He suspected it was not running at the right rpm. He ordered a new fan and it sounded right and gave the proper air circulation.
    The fridge he was working on had other issues, but a fan that was going bad but still working did not help. The fan did not make any weird noises that would indicate there was anything wrong but the repair man knew by the pitch of the fan it was not spinning at the right rpm.

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