We are joined for a second time by Sean “Sticks” Larkin who is most known for his appearances on the A&E reality show Live P.D. At the time of the show’s premiere, he had been working in the gang unit of the Tulsa Police Department for nearly two decades. Today we are talking body cameras. Pros, cons, and what we think. Let’s go!

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23 thoughts on “Sean "Sticks" Larkin – Special Guest | Let's Talk Body Cameras

  1. Brandon Blackfyre says:

    Sticks is a good dude. Always speaks the truth. Im liking this dude AJ but I'm a little annoyed that I haven't heard any kind of explanation for him punching that dude in the face. I'm not sure the context of it so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt till I hear the main reason for it. Him not answering and ignoring thousands of people who keep asking him why he did it and what really happened is worse then the actual incident… context is important in those situations… he seems like the person who will handle it like a G. Sometimes it scares us as the public because we feel that some officers feel they are above the law. Like when they commit a crime and ask for professional Courtesy which makes it seem like they do believe they are above the law.

  2. Brandon Blackfyre says:

    Im from Baltimore. Born and raised and still live here. Sad to say a lot of people in the city like to brag about the Murder Rate… its crazy sad. We need more people like AJ who bridge the gap between the community and police. I heard him talk about the incident AJ was in but he didn't really go into detail to much. Would like to hear more about it.

  3. Brandon Blackfyre says:

    I personally never see a reason for you to mute your body cam while on the job….. if you gotta take a shit you gotta take a shit. What else is there for you to have a reason to mute? Besides being deceitful. The officers that work in my neighborhood in Baltimore City especially the Narcotics Unit love to rob drug dealers and do other shady shit. Those Body cams help stop stuff like that from happening or at least make sure the officer gets dealt with for the laws they broke. AJ also had a good example of body cam footage taking away officer dissgreation, but like he also said its a double edge sword. Coming from someone who in passionate about the study of law, there's no reason for you to mute your body cam. Just like police officers always say when they are talking with you "why you worried if you got nothing to hide" is a perfect saying for the body cameras. While you are at work serving the public there's no reason to have the body cam muted. Sticks said when your girl calls you, you might want to mute the body cam, but why? Are you guys talking about private stuff that is illegal? Or talking about how good the sex was last night? I try to see it from both ways of your guys point of view as well as a citizen. Its just to many times you have seen officers mute their mics of their camera when pulling over other officers and letting them go after they broke the law, or muting it when talking about what to do with the person they have in the back of their patrol car.

  4. Brandon Blackfyre says:

    I love the idea of body cams, but being from Baltimore Maryland I may be a little biased. Considering the fact that I have seen people get robbed including myself by Police Officers, never by a officer in uniform but task forces like Narcotics Task Force where its hard to see badge numbers and name tags. I only knew them from the nicknames they had like "slim" or "sticks". They caused people to be killed because they take thousands of dollars of their money and they arent arrested so the person that they owe the money to hurts them because they don't believe a cop robbed them because of no paper work from getting arrested. I am in no way saying all officers are like this, in fact there is very few officers who are like this, but they still exist and body cams sometimes help stop that. I have also had my car searched and stuff was broken by the officer and they just laughed and told me to fix it. You guys have to remember, you guys are the GOOD GUYS of the police officers but there are bad ones, more so in certain cities like Baltimore where I live. Not saying all cops are like that but there is a lot of cops out there who believe they are above the law and do not follow the laws. The biggest problem of course is when you have officers who end up shooting a unarmed civilian and afterwards using racial slurs. Stuff like that is why we need body cams. Its also sad when people are running and get shot in the back when they have no firearms or weapons on them. Cops are humans and they make mistakes which is okay, but because they are humans some are hateful and decietful and have a bad agenda out their in the field. If there is nothing to hide then there's really no reason why the body cameras should be muted or not worn.

  5. Brandon Blackfyre says:

    Really like this convo guys. I left a lot of comments here just sharing my thoughts. We need more podcast like this that go into police officers point of view and what they think and how they feel. Like the man Sticks said people just get to see a couple of mins of the footage and want to make a judgement call on it even tho they dont know the context.

  6. Ray Kelly says:

    I used to do video surveillance for SCPD in 1984-85 and it was excellent evidence. Long before body cams, I recommend them. Glad to see they are being used by many PDs now. Great for evidence and clears POs of unjustified complaints.


    The thing about having a camera on you isnt only the police. Where I work is watched 24/7 when you are working. The boss put them in so he can watch employees . You work for the public as an officer, meaning the boss ''public'' gets to watch their employee work. Almost everyone is working with a camera on them, Not just the police.

  8. Daniel Elise says:

    I couldn't ignore the dude in the bottom left continually rolling his eyes,it was so fucking distracting & irritating but nevermind, no one's perfect….except me!! JK I am far from it! & I am a cop too!

  9. Strigoi says:

    Here’s a good analogy:
    I watched a NFL game not long ago where the ref called no touchdown. However, the coach protested and they went to replay. Every high-definition camera angle showed the player caught the ball. Slo-motion or not. It was clear the player caught the ball. Every possible angle showed the player catching the ball.
    EXCEPT, one angle, the same angle the ref had, showed that the player lost control of the ball the moment he hit the ground. AND that’s the point! Police shootings are measured in fractions of an inch. Now if there is no camera angle to back up what the officer saw, is he/she now unjustified?!? NO! There’s is so much more to the question than a camera angle.
    Keep up the good work fellas.

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