Over time a rental property can start to look and feel really dirty if you aren’t staying on top of the cleanliness of the property. When you’re doing move out and move in inspections here are 5 things most people miss and that, over time, make your house sparkle or drown in dirt.

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35 thoughts on “Tenant Inspections: 5 Things Tenants Never Clean When Moving Out

  1. Elizabeth Schreffler says:

    I have to disagree with you when you say Tenents Never clean these things. I used to be an Apartment Manager. Most people may forget to clean some things. I for one always keep every property I have tentes. My son calls me Felix Unger. On the other hand these are great tops for people to remember to clean. Thank you for sharing these tips.

  2. ORLA S says:

    Well what you do I withhold their ‘ returnable ‘ deposit
    until such time as they ‘clean ‘ , as per the ‘Conditions
    of their Tenancy ‘ !
    Then you turn their monies accordingly !

    Sorted ✔️

  3. liammaxsmama says:

    Some landlords suck and some tenants suck. I’ve been a landlord and a tenant. I’ve had decent tenants and thieving assholes for tenants. I’ve had jerk landlords who were actually slumlords and some landlords who were okay. It just depends. The best thing you can do as either is to document everything. I’m not keeping someone’s security deposit because they didn’t dust the baseboards. If there is damage such as holes in the wall, dented garage door, broken window, smoking in the house when it’s forbidden, then yes, I would keep the deposit and figure out if he costs to repair will exceed that to go from there. Our current landlords didn’t have the house cleaned before we moved in. The yard was dead due to not being watered. The house had a ‘remodel’ that was like putting lipstick on a pig. No worries. We broke some stuff and then replaced it repaired it completely. We have the yard routinely cared for. We have the property sprayed for pests. We also have it routinely cleaned by ourselves and professionally. If they don’t give me the deposit back, I’ll be contacting my renter’s insurance and they can fight with the landlord.

  4. Joey says:

    Spare a thought for the poor landlords and property owners. After years of sucking the blood out of someone who actually works for a living, they might have to wipe down some cupboards.

  5. Kaotic Kirra says:

    Better buy your own home cause landlords are the only thing close to satan. They like to nit pick your cleaning skills but when it comes to repairs, god forbid they come and fix their own property 🤣

  6. Ally Metal says:

    Things you have to clean when you move in. Blinds, glass, window and door tracks!. Haven’t watched this crap. Wonder how much of these are blamed on exiting tenants. Oh and repairs are always done after you move in for your convenience!

  7. I am toast says:

    Hood oven vents never get cleaned of all the cooking grease/ grime, landlords and tenants are both bad for this one. As well as bathroom fan vents. I spend a lot of time when moving into a rental cleaning areas like those as well as when I leave a place.

  8. Sherrell Bennett says:

    I have been a renter and always kept my place super clean. I may not, however, pull out the stove or fridge when moving out. That is a very heavy task that many of us are just not capable of doing. Not that I haven't cleaned behind those big appliances, but I had to have help, and when you are moving out of a place it is already a lot of work and wrenching your back to do that kind of cleaning is unreasonable for a landlord to ask of someone.

  9. Always Wondering says:

    I don't think that i have ever left a negative comment on anyone's posts before but you are being insulting to tenants. You group all together and stereotype them. That is very rude and ignorant of you. Shame on you.

  10. Mondoshawn says:

    The amount of people in the comments that never got their deposit back is to high! Jeez guys, if you did everything right sometimes you gotta sue the landlord or at least annoy him/her about it! They are too comfortable keeping the deposit it seems!

  11. james mcmahon says:

    Many tenants do not clean because the dishonest landlords or managers do not give them their security deposit back when they do move out. This management property owners where I live are the worst and they wont give back my deposit no matter how clean i leave this place so I will just take my stuff and go they can hire some cleaners with my 500 dollar security deposit !!! And its like pulling teeth getting them to fix or replace anything either so that is another reason people will not clean.

  12. Tiarra Gross says:

    The apartment that I live in now is cleaner than when I moved in the exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom were black after cleaning it found out that the on in the bathroom is blue the one in the kitchen is silver and I cleaned my best friend apartment before they moved in again the exhaust fans in both bathrooms were disgusting it’s not just tenants it’s landlords that don’t actually clean

  13. MrCchh7 says:

    I wish these were the actual realistic concerns of a landlord lol 😂 not saying she is wrong these are concerns but sweetheart these are extremely minor I have a stove now I had to clean with a grill brush and I went at it for over and hr and it’s still needs 1 more pass before it’s presentable

  14. Kaelynn Bartee says:

    I used to work in the food industry. (Literally 5 months ago, I’m 23) There are lots of things I know we had to clean daily, a literal chart for everyday of the week, for both the ‘front of house’ and ‘back of house’… this is all leading somewhere 😅.

    Im currently helping my older bro and sister-in-law move, my sister-in-law is pregnant so her dad came to drive her to the new place while I help my older bro clean and pack. I think I’ve gotten more “huh 😦” looks today from him then anyone else 😂. Because I⬇️
    -polished the bathroom fixtures
    -cleaned drains (remove hair and use bristle brush to clean pipes)
    -remove oven door to gain easier access to clean oven
    -dismantle oven door to clean glass
    – glass stove top polish (used 180 grade sand paper + water and scrubbed away rough surface to reveal beautiful/shiny glass stove top with no major scratches except for existing scratches that wouldn’t sand away. Even the rings for the burners that weren’t visible before cleaning are now showing)
    -clean base boards
    -clean drawers and cupboards
    -sweep and mop bathroom 3 times
    -wipe down toilet
    -treat cast iron pans that he over oiled (sticky 😬😬😬)
    … and this is only day 2 🤷🏻‍♀️. More to go, but that’s ok. I know this sounds weird to some people, but I gotta do my best for my big bro. Bright side is it’s winter right now so I can empty the fridge contents on the patio while I clean it 😅. Btw, stainless steel polish for appliances work wonders on bathroom fixtures, little goes a LONG WAY!!!

  15. Methodical2 says:

    Parents get on their kids to keep their rooms clean so why do these same people think it should be any different for landlords to expect you (parents) to clean their property once you vacate.

  16. Missy Skeeter says:

    From a tenant perspective, problem is landlord will not return security deposit but is in a different state than rental, so small claims judgement does not help when the landlord ignores it…a bank sweep does not help with landlord in different state, a lien on the property does not help if the landlord is not selling for years. Tenant never gets the security deposit.

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