This was a call on a Produce walk in cooler not working, the customer called it in the night before but was willing to wait until the next morning.

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  1. John Ventshop says:

    Been watching for a while but mainly lurking. Anyway I have an opinion question. Saw someone in TX who posted a video and it ended up in my feed. Anyway long story short this guy is adding "start assist" and "ac renew" to systems. Just reading the only thing a start assist does is add more capacitance to the system that already has a capacitor. I can imagine that it can do a couple things, either push more power through the winding's causing and issue, draw power from the main capacitor as it tries to charge causing less power to be delivered, or actually causing a ripple and out of phase issue as it discharges at a different point. The AC renew stuff seems to be an oil with benzene designed to neutralize acid. From my basic chemistry knowledge the only way to neutralize an acid is with a base which then forms a salt. Too much base can cause the same issues as an acid so shouldn't an acid test be done first before introducing a base into a system so that you know how much to add or even if it's needed?

    Just seems really strange to me and all because this guy is likely hitting homeowners with a 150 to 200 dollar charge for stuff that potentially can cause more issue than they solve. Seems like a good way to end up with a lawsuit against you IMHO.

  2. James White says:

    In my business I repair electronics mainly PS4’s and Xbox ones etc. I have nothing to do with HVACR but the way you approach troubleshooting is very interesting and enlightening. I love this stuff. I can’t stop watching. You are so thorough and professional. I subscribed. Keep up the great work.

  3. Rattletrap2 says:

    Cut vegetables ( produce) give off acids that are affecting the copper. Cut flowers in a floral shop are even worse! When you replace the unit cooler, you could offer the option of having the new coil Heresite coated. It is expensive, but will protect the copper.

  4. Sergio Jimenez says:

    I know those condensers are designed to work outside but given the shape of the units, wouldn’t make sense for the manufacturers to add a washable air filter in front of the coil to keep it somewhat clean?

  5. JoJo Morgan says:

    From plumbing brazing experience Brazing something like an evaporator is really a difficult prospect due to the proximity of the next brazed joint it can cause the next brazing to loosen and the next… causing a cascade of rebrazing the pandora's box reference is apt here….

  6. Danny says:

    When your compressor is inside a climate controlled room and chill water cooled, what temperature do you input for outdoor air on MQ? Thanks.

  7. Geoff H says:

    Just an FYI, you said the fan looking funky was because of your camera's "shutter speed". Your camera doesn't have a shutter — it's actually the capture "frame rate" causing the fan to look that way.

  8. amin aziz says:

    I have 1 question this summer time im getting so many complains that a/c low pressure getting higher ther 80 to 90 psi and high pressor getting almost 250 or 200 is this compressor issue that compressor not pumping proper???

  9. George Robles says:

    I know this videos a year old but for those that don't know if you don't have Bluetooth 5.0 or better then you won't get the 1000 foot range or theoretical 400m line of sight, which is the specs for Bluetooth 5. I just checked all my stuff and found out everything is a thousand foot range for better and I made sure to get Bluetooth 5.0 on the tablet that I was looking at in the past for other reasons and it just kind of worked out for me but I bet if you try your phone you will get better range because most phones have newer Bluetooth like 5.1 5.2

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