This was a walk in freezer that was not working and the product was melting.


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  1. G & L Services says:

    Great video as always, I've been doing commercial refrigeration since 1995 and you covered a lot of excellent points on this freezer video, good information for the techs just starting out. Good job.

  2. Phred Phlintstoner says:

    I work in a food plant and we have 3 coolers and 4 freezers that have a crap ton of condensation problems all summer… the plastic curtains help a lot, but they are constantly going down from people leaving doors open… it's aggravating for me, I can only imagine just how much you hate dealing with it. Keep up the great work! I wish you lived and worked in my area!

  3. DashCamAndy says:

    *sees thumbnail, reads title* This is gonna be one of those left-the-door-open-and-we're-all-iced-up scenarios, isn't it?
    EDIT: My workplace's walk-in freezer has a bit of Crunchy Floor Syndrome going on. Every time I step in there and hear the ice under the floor crunching under my feet, I wonder who the idiot is that soaked the floor…

  4. Jason Johnson says:

    Lol like #999. I was late watching the video. I can't say I've seen liquid injection on any refrigeration system I've worked on, which isn't saying much. Im not a reefer tech by nature. I do work on reefer systems from time to time. Mostly if the customer has refrigeration systems on site. I run into liquid injection on chillers for process equipment. Mostly by companies that specialize in process equipment. Last one was a German chiller. The whole diagram was in German, so i had to visually go through the system to identify the components. It was a chiller that cooled oil for a large CNC machine.

  5. Bill Borglund says:

    With a shop vac connected to the drain termination, I have good luck with the water staying off the floor. Because the drain pan doesn’t overflow so less or no stop and go on the water side.

  6. Chad says:

    Isnt 98 degrees your favorite boy band lol,good video very informative, appreciate it,I'm trying to get into refrigeration, just a maintenance man now.

  7. A Wilson says:

    Maybe you can add a siren that screams at the staff if they leave the door open for too long (set the delay to something reasonable for opening the door, walking in and closing the door – that needs what, about 15 seconds, maybe 30 so set the scream delay at 45 seconds) that's wired through the cooling circuit so if they kill the siren, they kill the freezer…

    Then, they'll have to learn to KEEP THE BLOODY DOOR CLOSED!!! or get constantly yelled at by a REALLY loud and obnoxious speaker…


  8. hvac24 hvac24 says:

    Could you do a video on wiring a ranco etc to a walk in freezer where the display stays energized during defrost . Have had bad luck with them losing their memory from time to time on 45 minute long defrost. Capacitors inside the controller won't keep the memory goes back to the factory setting of 73°

  9. nightone says:

    If water gets on the floor in the freezer, let it freeze, and then smash it with a hammer. It will just break off the floor in chunks and you can sweep it up into a dust pan with a broom. Learned that from a cook.

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