Sometimes I get bored when working alone… This was a walk in freezer that was temping too high.



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  1. Michael Flat1 says:

    Love seeing old systems in good condition, customer's definitely got their use out of it! Sure they aren't the most energy efficient and best for the environment, but must be better than replacing newer poorly made units regularly. They don't make em like they used to..

  2. John Haller says:

    And thanks for your continuing to remind us to be nice to each other. I donated a couple of Covid tests to someone in need, and I'm sure your reminders subliminally suggested I do that.

  3. Bob Builder says:

    What idiot of a burglar would target a business that has ANY vehicles parked in front, including a work van? At that point they're more likely to target the work van itself, or just go elsewhere.

  4. A Wilson says:

    Company Employees are not permitted to work alone or risk getting Fired…

    Problem with that is You're breaking that rule BUT you're the Owner…Who exactly can Fire you?

    I'd love to see HR try…

    THAT would take some SERIOUS Chutzpah…

    Not a lot of Brains mind you (unless they know ahead of time that you've got a great Sense of Humor and know they're Joking), but Chutzpah in the 1st Degree…


  5. Troy Belding says:

    I appreciate the trying to do something to assist in being safe when you're the only one in the building. I have keys for a number of my customers, and when I'm there, I'm usually the only one – they hate me taking half the computers in the building out for three hours in the middle of the day.

  6. Slayer 9200 says:

    Reputation is a hell of a thing to gain but the easiest thing to lose. That's what I respect about you. You are like a good mechanic. You don't try to get your clients to buy. You try to meet their needs. You aren't afraid to tell them an ugly truth but you aren't going try and sell them something they don't need. That's what makes a good service oriented businessman. You aren't afraid to sacrifice a quick buck to make a happy lifelong customer from what I've seen.

  7. D B says:

    Your business philosophy and mind are almost identical. I have spent my share of time in freezers and coolers also. Like you I was given keys and told to lock up when I left. I don't know how long you have been in business but the one thing I would caution you on. That is with the big national companies. Like you I was a small shop. I reluctantly took on a job with a big soft drink company out of Georgia and in a little over 4 months I was out of business after about 5 years in business. So just be careful of the big companies.

  8. throttle bottle says:

    LOL at start of video.
    IRL just help yourself to all the food and drinks? (only did that at relatives places and told them what I ate/drank so they could track/deduct costs) anywhere else, not unless they directly offered while there.

  9. throttle bottle says:

    pack up some snowballs, that's funny, since the criminals are all carrying illegally… whist half or more of the government are fully blinded idiots only in it for the $$$, all whilst surrounded by staff(militia) carrying multiple weapons in attempt to protect their imbecile selves.
    double/triple/quadruple+ standards galore and many are deep into failure. California is collapsing majorly fast, same for NYC, Chicago and other huge cities (former)

  10. twistidclowns says:

    Ive noticed alot of people going into junkyards to get their hands on well built hardware of old. Alot of what is sold today is only meant to last the warranty and ideally not a day longer.

  11. Wiz369 says:

    I recently grad from a hvacr school and was wondering how can I get started in refrigeration? Almost every job wants 3 or more years of experience and I really want to do commercial refrigeration, because I don’t want to do residential.

  12. Kelly Burgess says:

    My ocd was triggered when you started inside and the grilles weren't aligned the same. The three bits in the two sides were 90° rotated to each other and it bugged me lol. You fixed it though

  13. Liam Sanders says:

    I don't know much about HVAC systems but I love your videos and your honesty touches me. I'm in the UK (Scotland) and I beleive in your business model and its what the world needs more of. Thank you for keeping me entertained for the past year when I discovered your channel.

  14. Andrew Bove says:

    Are they leaving the door open? Does the door close on its own?Sure they will tell you no, throw a door alarm and curtain on that thing. Are they turning off the fans during the day while working in it? Are the fans terminating and delaying correctly? Your video should show you checking that.

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