This is How You Clean a Walk-in Cooler Evaporator.

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45 thoughts on “This is How You Clean a Walk-in Cooler Evaporator.

  1. PAC MANN says:

    I use iVue Camera Glasses to film point of view(keeps your hands free)they are water resistant,maybe you might like them,I just ordered a new pair of iVue horizon 1080 pro.Ill have a review up in a week or so.

  2. BlackHawkPSU says:

    Is this method advisable for True T-43 and T-23 reach in refrigerators? To get the dust off I used a shop vac with a brush attachment, then an air compressor, but being kitchen refrigerators there's still some greasy dust stuck on. I like to take care of things, and do it right, but I don't want to use a chemical or method that isn't proper. I don't want to do any damage and ruin them. Advice appreciated.Thanks!

  3. George W says:

    Yes gloves required, not only to mention about the fumes nubrite gives off.
    Triple D might be a better option for you for indoors it'll clean the same as nubrite but without the acid. And has the odor of Dial soap.

  4. Lyndell Thompson says:

    Nice informative video. If you ever run into another with drain line clogged…..get yourself a gauge hose with a 90 degree fitting on one end. If you have a Co2 or nitrogen tank on your truck put that hose on it and a lot of times( not always) you can get that 90 degree hose end to slip into the drain under the coil and clear it. I have been at it same as you 35 years and I am like you say…2nd generation. BTW I recommend the black heavier duty hoses for this. sometimes a light downward pressure will hold fitting in drain enough to clear it. Don't use that hose on refrigeration unless you have blown thru it well. 🙂

  5. NYPatriot says:

    I just brush it off till its about 90 percent clean then bomb it with viper foam depending on the size of the evap usually use 2 or 2 nd a half spray cans.

  6. Ivan Estrada says:

    I find a full pressure water hose connection. I set up a hose, turn off the machine and rinse the fuck out of the coil. Brushes are a necessity but coil cleaners I only use when there is a nasty exhaust dumping grease onto a condenser on the roof

  7. Reyvel Trejo says:

    Oh well honestly I don’t know if it’s because it was not that dirty but I always clean it from the inside out because sometimes doing it like that you push the dirt into it more …I know it’s a lot of work but it’s better

  8. Luftwaffe Rommel says:

    And may I add I do 6-8 walk in coolers 8-13 evaporators coils. 36 units a day. In under 12hrs and I only use hot water and a system I invented. My company is new at this I pretty much had to do this by trail and error. I make about $150 a day I wonder how much I’m making the company kind makes me want to make me start my own company. MF I feel used shit!!!

  9. Henry Lam says:

    Hey! Found your video to be very helpful. I am needing to clean a Commercial Refrigerator, after I unplug it, vacuum it out. is it okay to spray degreaser like nubrite on it? Then do I a brush and spray water to clean off the grease then vaccum it dry and maybe let it set a day or 2 and make sure it's not wet before plugging it back in?

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