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Here are the top 5 problems with the 1st generation Jeep Liberty, a Jeep SUV available in model years 2002 to 2007. Len points out the most common problems you might find with your 1st generation Liberty, and offers tips on how you can fix those problems yourself! Check it out!

0:00 Top Problems Jeep Liberty 1st Gen 2002-07
0:14 Internal Engine Valves
1:45 Power Window Motor
3:19 Power Door Locks
5:09 Exhaust Manifold
7:22 4WD Unit Leaks
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31 thoughts on “Top 5 Problems Jeep Liberty SUV 1st Generation 2002-07

  1. General Caeser says:

    I need help. 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD Diesel: I was pulling 4k pounds for about 500 miles and the last 80 miles was a solid gradual up hill. I noticed it wasn't going into over drive about 20 miles before the big problem started. We heard a pop. Not a super loud pop but a pop any way. Noticed there was zero oil but was idling fine, just no power at all. It would move a foot and stop so I quickly shut her down. Sent a friend down 6 hours from home to pick it up. He poured a gallon of oil in it and it all ran out. He said a lot of oil was coming out of the exhaust. It doesn't overheat or smell like burnt antifreeze. Also there was no check engine light on but the oil light did come on a little and I added some oil but the oil light went off and never came back on. Did I blow my motor or am I lucky enough that this could be just the turbo or something even cheaper? I can't afford this right now. =(

  2. Justin Bearinger says:

    I have that 2007 model I love it a lot I know replacing the window regulators on the back passenger side needs to be replaced it’s like the same as the 2002 model and I use my 4 wheel drive because of crappy snowy roads that gives me disavatges

  3. Travis Chaddock says:

    Ex wife has one of these. In 6 years it ran out of oil to many times for me to count. Still drives, has a tick to it. Heater core blew up last year. Never did the windows, no leaks underneath. I hate it, but it has been a good rig.

  4. Broski44 says:

    My mom has a 04 liberty and a used motor was put in. Know when u first start the jeep it has a very bad exhaust smell. You cant even sit in there. You have to put windows down and wait. The smell will go away after awhile. Do u have any ideas what could be the problem???

  5. Keith Alves says:

    The headlights on my 05 Jeep Liberty 3.7 l V6 will sometimes not work on the low beams but if flick the high beam lights on when you go back to low beam lights they work fine. Any Ideas?

  6. BB -8 says:

    I would like to see a Jeep Liberty with working tail lights. I've just changed three bulbs in each side and it appears only top half half of my top light is working. I can't tell if that's normal. It doesn't same to be giving off that much light

  7. Phil Ward says:

    Biggest issue with windows I experienced and heard about was the plastic holder for the window breaks or strips. Then the drive cable runs out of the sheath. Bought a complete regulator for mine then got a repair piece made of metal to fix the original one. Still have it as a spare. Numerous other little electric pieces that fail too. Bought it with a dead engine, replaced it and now this engine is dead with 25k miles on it.

  8. Robert Janowski says:

    Top 5 problems with the first gen liberty.
    1. Front lower ball joints
    2. Window regulators.
    3. Sagged suspension ( worn front springs)
    4. Radiator cracked at the drivers side upper mount
    5. Bad rear cv joint front drive shaft.

  9. Seamus O'Connor says:

    Our Jeep (Liberty 2006) seems to be stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear (I believe it's a w/Overdrive) so we have to keep it at 50mph or less. Any thoughts on this problem? Also is the bottom trim clipped or screwed ours is about to fall off. Thanks 👍

  10. 91GT347 says:

    Blower motor a couple of times, rear windows, sticking valves even with a new head. Cant remember where but there is a guy in I think Michigan that sells rocker clips. They prevent the rocker from falling off at least.

  11. Red Dirt Road Redemption says:

    I'm experiencing a wobble when going over bumps and when brakes applied. Also, it wants to pull to the right when braking or making curves… I've already had rear differential, alignment, steering box, control arm and steering rack bushing replaced. Could it be a stuck brake caliper?

  12. Audrey Wilson says:

    Hi there, HELP! My fan (Jeep Liberty 2003) doesn't go on, water pomp works, heat sensor is is changed, thermostat is new and installed correctly. My mechanic now thinks it could be the computer going bad. Any other ideas?

  13. Billy Williams says:

    I'm looking at a beater 2002 jeep liberty for $1800.00 with about 100k miles on it. The back windows are stuck and the paint is pealing up. 🤔 Still might be a good buy.

  14. Lee Bailey says:

    Vapor locking is the only problem I have had to deal with so far. But it's a 10 sec fix every time it happens.
    If you are driving for a while then stop for 20 min or so (like going into a store) only to come and have a crank but no start with no codes showing. Try going to the passenger side of the motor and purge the fuel line. Be careful fuel is under a lot of pressure

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