On this one we had a True reach i cooler temping at 42 degrees which the customer was not too happy with. We had another tech there and we diagnosed a bad temperature controller, we ordered the part and I returned to install it and actually found out that was not the problem. The unit had a bad evaporator fan motor that was spinning too slow and causing the coil to get too cold. The temperature controller was actually working correctly but the fan motor was just not moving enough air. Once I replaced the evaporator fan motor all was good again.

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  1. BlackHawkPSU says:

    Interesting seeing that blue filter in there. Think it's a good idea to put those filters on bottom mounted units or would it prevent air flow just as much as dirty fins would? I ask because I was thinking of doing this a while ago. What's the black tube like thing sticking out the front of the filter? Thanks!

  2. dads , Cavaliers says:

    And you dont think cleaning an internally plugged condenser would of had something to do with it? Once you dropped the head by cleaning it and in turn dropped the suction to normal. That gave you a much colder evap coil. The owner had t.sat at coldest setting right?and it never got cold enough, thats why he called. After you blew it out it ran normal. doesn't mean the mtr wasn't weak, But you solved it by cleaning it. A word to all you help, ambient conditions esp in kitchens. is vital to temps and always make sure you start with a clean cond as best as you can. Sometimes you cant help it,100- 110degs no ac greese filled ect.but never overlook a simple blow job to get you off on the right foot

  3. LJ Little J says:

    I work with really greasy kitchens and the higher condenser coils on the top are like vacuums for gunk. I started using 1/4 foam with a metal upside down "T" with a bent 90 on top of condenser with a strong magnet to hold metal "T" which holds the foam from falling down off of the condenser coil. Way easier than spraying cleaner using towels and water hoping nothing leaks down into some fish or cake. I change out in spring time before the kitchen gets really hot during the summer. Unfortunately restaurants want to save a dime now but later on will have to spend a dollar down the road.

  4. mychoclabwinston says:

    People that are taking the time to watch refrigeration, and heating vids, are the techs, that want to better them self, you may have scene 1000 different things in the field, but it’s the 1001, that could ruin your reputation. Keep up the great vids brother.

  5. 萬事屋 says:

    I don't know if you will see my comment. I'm trying to replace a fan motor myself but I don't know how to get to it. Can you tell me should I do it from the top front or inside the freezer? thanks

  6. Ross Kious says:

    This is the exact reason to always use True’s method of troubleshooting the thermostat. Pull the fan blades and use a thermometer buried in the evaporator near the thermostats cap to test cut in and cut out . True has a list of the cut in and cut outs in their literature. Been thrown by the sealed system issues , and fan issues ect. To many times . After getting several years of experience you have to fight that “I know what it is instinct “ . I know better and still end up doing it to myself every once in a while.

  7. Moe pow says:

    Its always the temp controller when the AC man comes out then it goes down again. Its like they don't know how to troubleshoot! Or it easier to R &R parts that are easiest?

  8. Jubblies mcsugartits says:

    Not taking anything away from your other tech, but thats why you can't teach experience. But i bet from now on he will think next time, hmmm i remember that time where the fan motor was slow and he'll check them ever time.

  9. BA Elevators & More says:

    The place where I work has a whole bunch of True reach-in display coolers. Often times if the cooler loses power it eventually leaks all of its refrigerant out. I don’t know why this is so but they do. That and sometimes we’ve had them totally quit. No power, no cool, nothing.

  10. randomrazr says:

    i saw a brand new one of these store display. i noticed water on the bottom cabinet and the sales guy wasnt sure why their is water. the clear tube in the back, u can see water dripping down it so i presume the tray that collects the water isnt clogged . could it be anything else?

  11. 00ABBITT00 says:

    I can’t emphasize the importance of checking if a piece of equipment is still under warranty or not enough. I had a service call for a reach in, arrived on site and saw that the unit LOOKED brand new. I asked the customer how long ago it was purchased and she told me less than year ago. I then contacted the supplier that sold my customer the unit and asked if it was still under warranty, which it was. I asked the supplier if there was anything I can do to help determine to cause of the issue and was told not to touch the unit unless I wanted to void the warranty. Moral of the story is always ask questions before pulling out tools….

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