True T-49 Cooler Freezing Product With Electronic Thermostat Retro Kit installation. Reach in coolers are generally sealed critically charged systems that sometimes need refrigerant added because of a refrigerant leak, I show the procedure True Manufacturing recommends to check the operation prior to adding refrigerant taps to check the charge.

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Magnetic solenoid tester.

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21 thoughts on “True T-49 Cooler Freezing Product Electronic Thermostat Retro Kit

  1. Jacob Colby says:

    Great vid! I knew most of those temp controls sense coil temp but I never thought of taking the fan blades out and sticking a probe in the coil, makes perfect sense. Like I’ve mentioned before, I always learn something from ur videos. Thanks

  2. Andrew Mattas says:

    Why did you waste your time with all this. The only thing that controls temp is the thermo stat. If freezing intermittently replace the thermostat the basic of refrigeration. Stupid video

  3. OcRefrigeration , Hvac & Electrical Video's. says:

    Good Vid. Yep, the Standard Troubleshooting method Straight out of the book. Works good For testing cut in and cut out Temps on a temperature control. Kinda like unplugging a water pump on a ice o matic to test pressure control cut in. i believe i actually have a Thick book form true from a while back that has all that stuff u printed out . These Days i use the iPhone and save all these type pdfs to ibooks and Eliminated Almost all of My Books Off the Truck. One Day i Went to the Truck and Tossed about 50 Lbs of Books and Binders. i Cleared Out an Entire Shelf of Binders and books From the Service Body. i Have Never Looked Back. i Have a few Books i Like but, 96% Went in the Dumpster.

  4. randomrazr says:

    i ahve a T49G we bought in 2015. after 3 years it started freezing stuff on inside. compressor kept running and running would not turn off. im not a tech, but i winged it and assumed the analog thermostat on the inside went poop. replaced it myself and it ficed the problem. i think TRUE screwed up here putting in an analog mechnical therostat INSIDE the cooler where it is subjected to cold, condensation and moisture. it was destined to fail eventually and the new part will to in time. would u agree with my notion on this casE? i think the newer TRUE t-49s have elctornic ones now that are outside the unit

  5. randomrazr says:

    I have a T-49 and today i notcied water leaking in it. I took the cover off and noticed there was a HUGE chunk of ice in the drain pan that sits below the evaporator coils. no ice on the actual coils just a big chunk in the drain pan. do you know what might cause this when there is no ice on the coils but just in the drain pan?

  6. Jeremy Martin says:

    Personally I would have got the same oem part since its steadily available. Make sure it's either coil or air sensing. Save the customer time and labor. Customers remember the little things.

  7. Tractorman 1956 says:

    Question: Just purchased a used True GDM-41SL-54.. it cools just fine – compressor kicks on and off – no problem – but the fan doesn't shut off – so will the fan run 24/7 ?? Sounds like it will run up the electric bill… any way to have it shut off when the compressor shuts off, or is that a safety feature that must not be modified ?? Thanks!!

  8. James Kirkman says:

    I have a True TSD-69G triple door reach in coiler. The temp controller is turned all the way up and inside temp is around 34-35 degrees. Could my controller be going bad and how hard is it to replace.

  9. Concerned Persons says:

    Thank you!!! True doesn’t have the OEM temperature sensor they give you the one in your video. Thanks for a quick tutorial easy enough but they don’t make these very easy to access without taking everything down and the fan blades off.

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