Review of how my home made walk in cooler using a Coolbot system worked to cool and age wild game meat.
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26 thoughts on “**UPDATE ON WALK IN COOLER**

  1. C R says:

    Nick great job and thank you for the follow up to the video on building it. I have shared your videos with my oldest son who lives in Washington state and my friends here locally that hunt. Working up plans to hunt up in Washington with my son now that he has settled down after his Navy service and getting married. Again, I appreciate  your videos and look forward to the spring turkey hunt video in Colorado. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. GOD bless you and your family.

  2. David K. says:

    Ahh. just watched your first video. perfect timing. It looks great. great job. The time of processing is my big concern. with one of these. I can take my time, like you said. Can't wait to build mine. Thank  you again. Great work.

  3. MrVailtown says:

    If you've ever heard of dry aged beef, (expensive) basically hung in a cool box like yours at 36 degrees for minimum of thirty days, up to 60days. With low humidity, as should be with your design.

  4. dale winn says:

    Probably a good idea to have that figured out before you go hunting. Or cut your own meat. Wasted half an elk because there waste a place to process it. Process it yourself or stop hunting. This video just pisses me off.

  5. Tyler Steele says:

    Well sir it is almost 3 years later i have read some of the comments so i no u are very happy with it and i my self m now looking to build a cooler could u tell me are u still using the original coolbot how manny a/c have u gone threw if any and how is it cleaning your game room have u ever thought of puting a drain in the floor and dose the a/c filter build up alot of dust

  6. kickin' chicken says:

    I don't understand losing half of an elk because you don't have anywhere to hang it and the processors are all full. It may not be ideal but putting it in an ice chest covered with ice may not be as good as hanging it in a proper walk-in cooler but it will keep that way for around a week or so pretty easily and it's a far sight better than letting it go to waste

  7. Josh Keiter says:

    Just wanted to say 'Thanks'! Have watched your videos multiple times. I'm in the process right now of building my cooler. It's a 5' X 5.5' cooler built in the corner of my garage using an LG 8,000 BTU A/C unit and the CoolBot Pro. Instead of using fiberglass insulation, I went with the Mineral Wool insulation (moisture and mold resistant) and I'm also using the R Max foam board (2" thick). With the Mineral Wool insulation between the walls (R-15) and the foam board (R-13.1) I'm confident my cooler will be easy to maintain that 38 to 40 degree temp for hanging my wild game meat. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time and this year finally pulled the trigger. Thx for the detailed info on your construction video. It helped reassure me that my plan was good…all I have to do is build it and use it. I was just in Wyoming a few weeks ago for archery season and took my first antelope with my bow on Aug 15th so season has already started for me. 🙂 WV/VA hunting season starts in a couple weeks so I'll be ready for that for sure! It's gonna be AWESOME to come home late on a Sunday night from a hunt and to hang the deer in the cooler, shower up and spend time with my family vs. having to rush around and process everything before going to bed that night. Hope you're having a good hunting season so far this 2019! Good luck to ya! #huntlikeamaniac

  8. Key says:

    How is the door holding up? I am about to build a walk-in and the main part that has me stumped is getting a good seal on the door. I like how you did yours so I am curious if you would change it at all now that it has been up a bit.

  9. Nancy Morgan says:

    Hello I sent you a message on your website. I want to know what you're monthly cost is to run the cool bot in the warmest time of the year. What do you use for ventilation? My wife is concerned that the AC will never turn off because of the vent and our electric bill will be in the hundreds of dollars every month.

  10. Kimberly Cardona says:

    Coming in a little late! My husband and I just built one with the new cool bot pro. So far so good. Having some issues with the door not sealing great. Some kinks need worked out. Just needing the rails installed. What poundage can those i bolts you used hold?

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