Freezer stopped cooling
Line tap to recharge fridges/ac units:
Can side tap:

2004 Frigidaire MANUAL Defrost Upright freezer.

The line was purged before each application. If I did it again I wouldn’t use the sealer. It could clog the filter and cause issues down the road(could?). Theoretically it took almost a decade for the original charge to leak out and it should take that long a second time. r134a is cheap and readily available. It is the same stuff that you spray out of computer duster cans so there is no issue with it continually leaking. By adding a port I can easily check it a couple years later and add some more refrigerant if needed.

After eliminating the possibility of a leak in an accessible area I used a last option leak/metal sealer.

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26 thoughts on “Upright Freezer repair r134a refill part 2 of 2

  1. Thomas Cirignano says:

    To sixtyfiveford, Thanks so much for posting these 2 videos. They were extremely helpful to me and I had success! And if I ever have to junk this freezer I will remove and keep that line-tap, as they don't seem to be that common when I went to purchase one on the web. By the way, my first car was a 66 Ford Falcon. Great memories! Best of luck to you. Thanks again, sincerely, Tom Cirignano

  2. Thomas Cirignano says:

    Another update. This morning I plugged the freezer in again and after around 15 minutes I heard the mysterious whistle that my wife had heard yesterday. It's not the sound of pressure relief. It's an actual whistle, a 5 toned little song. It must be a warning from the freezer about malfunction.

  3. Jimmy Medellin says:

    I have a Maytag, It was given to me, I had it checked out for free, the fan is good the compressor is god was told just needs freon. I ordered the exact line tap. I have a buddy with a manifold gauge set we will try and fix it this weekend. I don't have a vacuum, is there a way to do this without a vacuum? If not how long do you need to use the vacuum for? little excited to try and fix a little nervous as I don't want to mess it up, I get confused where to put the line tap is it closest to the copper evaporator thing?

  4. howard wu says:

    hello! thx for the video. i am a small business owner and i have 4 refrigerator at the store, recently one of them are not cooling very good and i think is low on Freon r134. im planning to buy a Gage and refill freon myself but i dont have any experience on doing so is there any thing that i need to knew before hand before i just fill it up with r134?

  5. Mike Hartigan says:

    Your video was a godsend! I built a bar in my basement ManCave a few years ago that I'm insanely proud of. I allowed 36" for my keezer (kegerator built from a chest freezer). No research — 36" just seemed about right. I bought a 7.2 cu ft chest freezer that was 34" wide. I really didn't check the width when I bought it. I guess I just got lucky. It fit the space perfectly and it holds 4 corny kegs of homebrew without breaking a sweat!

    Fast forward to a few months ago. The freezer can't keep the beer cold. Frost in one corner near the top – no doubt where the line starts. With a roughly $150 purchase price, I can't find anybody to even come out to look at it, let alone repair it. No big deal – it's only $150-ish to replace it. The problem is no one seems to make suitably-sized chest freezers anymore that are less than 37" wide. This is gonna require some major surgery on the bar.

    Then I found your video. A week later, it's chilling beer like the day I bought it! We'll see how long it lasts. FWIW, I bought a can of R134a at the Auto Parts store with sealer and lubricant already in it, instead of a separate can of sealer. Hopefully, that'll serve the intended purpose. I used an old hose/gauge I had in my garage for R12, so it had the proper connector, though I had to finesse it onto the can.

    I have a question that I was hoping maybe you could answer. I bought the same line tap that you show in the video. It was simple enough to install, but I noticed it can be turned on the line without too much effort. Have you come up with a way to lock it in place? It's not likely to be a problem, since it's behind the panel, but I'd feel better if it didn't do that. Any thoughts?

    Thanks again. Next time you're in the neighborhood, stop by for a homebrew!

  6. Mike H says:

    Just an update for the benefit of anybody who's thinking of doing this. it's been nearly 5 months since I 'fixed' my freezer and it's showing no signs of slowing down. The best part is that it was every bit as easy as it looked in the video. Thanks, again.

  7. 2feetaguywith says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have always wondered how to add to these systems.
    Where did you get the info for pressures? My system sat for a while and lost all the refrigerant, is there a place to find how much oil and refrigerant it will need?
    Also, you add to the suction line?

  8. Kyle Holst says:

    This is a well-produced video, everything is clear and thought-out. Very helpful as my fridge is having the same problem and now i understand how to proceed!

  9. Leo Nicholson says:

    Thanks. Purged the hoses, put in the freon. I started at -14 psi,
    ended at 0 psi. Just tuned off and back on to cycle. Pressure went to
    about 50, then to about 1. Top shelf now frosted and temperature

    Next morning, I am at 0 psi and -6.2 degrees.

    Leaving the gauges hooked-up for a few days to see how it goes. Can't
    thank you enough for your patience and advice.

  10. jim moler says:

    again what actual model and brand was this? my Imperial Brand Heavy Duty freezer was wicked frozen up around all the coils. now its all slush and slop. all the settings are the same as when I fist got it.

  11. Wally C says:

    I appreciate your video! I charged my freezer yesterday and last night temp was at 16 degrees. I turned up the thermostat all the way then went to bed. In the morning it was 22 degrees and rising. I couldn't figure out what went wrong so I bought three more cans of 134a and added one by one and nothing got cold so I ended up adding all three to see what happens. The compressor has a safety which shuts it down at 80 PSI. I should state that my freezer only calls for 3.5oz of 134a and I had a bad can tap which would not shut off so I used the whole can yesterday. That brought up the PSI to 22 and like I said it worked until this morning when I saw the temperature rising. I am assuming now that it got to cold and blocked up with ice in the lines. That's just my guess. I am now running at 10 PSI and it seems to be getting cold again. I am just wondering if I should lower the PSI even more but right now I don't want to touch it if it is working. There is a section of copper line about 8" that is frosting over and is near the compressor. I don't know if lowering the PSI will change the frost or even if it is alright like it is.

  12. Bob Sapp says:

    My parents threw away a leaky commercial cooler. The technician never wanted to fix the leak because it was hard to find. I would have try this out if I had saw your video sooner.

  13. WSmart1 says:

    This is an awesome video. The lighting and mood in this was a trip, freaky. And if it wasn't perfect, none of us are. I saw this when it released and I had to come back and watch these again because I have a freezer with a pinched off copper stub line that looks like a hack. I thought I remembered seeing that on your freezer. Maybe that's how the factory fills and seals the system. Would be nice if the industry had standards and every freezer came with a valve. Maybe failed compressors are more often the cause of failure, but most people probably don't realize their freezer is running all the time and eventually the compressor will fail. You can't run a compressor except upright, but can you move one sideways? GE has an article that says you can, but you turn it upright for the same amount of time(24 hours max) before running it. Moe!

    Don't let yourself be confused on booze.

  14. Ian Goakey says:

    Wish this was a shorter video instead of 2 parts. Also would have been nice if the links worked, as well as having key terms to search or brand/models of the tools he is using in case the links are fine just don't work for some viewers.

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